The Blind Date

A few weeks ago, I received the best text message ever!

Lindy: Pammmmiiiiieeeeeeee!
Me: Whattttttteeeeeeeeeeee
Lindy: I have your new boyfriend ready for you.
Me: Awesome!!
Lindy: Shall I introduce you via email?
Me: Sure.

And that’s how this whole thing got started. She sent the intro email the same day.

So, I waited. And waited. And after a week, I send him a note. He replied the next day with his phone number and asked me to call him. I called the following day – no answer, left voice mail.

The next day was Friday. He sent me a text a 3:30 asking me to go out that night at 7:30. I declined. 1) I wasn’t in the mood. 2) You’ve gotz to give a girl more than a few hours notice. Yes, I realize we’re talking about 4 but seriously. Come on.

I didn’t hear from him again until Monday, when we set up a date for Tuesday night.

And since Tuesday was complete awesomeness, I was more than excited! I rushed home after finding Trip and got ready! In pure Pam fashion, I did a little facebook over share.OvershareAfter much texting with Lindy, I finally found the boy and the date begins. Real quick – have I mentioned my pure disdain for dating? I hate it. I never know what to say. I hate awkward pauses/silences. I have a nervous laugh that is just not at all cute/sexy. So I did what any normal person would do, I drank heavily. I believe I put down a bottle of wine over the course of the evening with no food.

Great guy, good conversation, good flirting, all positive things. Casual mention of a next date but I took with with a grain of salt – there was lots of alcohol consumed.

No hug, no kiss, just a walk to the parking garage entrance and we were on our way.

I received the “had fun” text just before I got home and responded when I got home that I had fun as well.

Since then……crickets…..crickets…..crickets……

I really think I need to be video taped or something to find out what I’m doing wrong here.

Now, you may be asking “why didn’t she call him?” And I have a (several) perfectly logical reasons. 1) I made initial contact, I made the first phone call, I sent the final text. Do some work buddy. 2) If he really wanted to see me again, he’d see me. 3) I am so tired of guessing. See #2.

My dear friends that was my first, and most likely last, blind date.

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