CrossFit – I Like, My Quads Disagree

Yesterday I did CrossFit for the first time. Today, I cannot move. There may be a bit of drama in that last statement. I can move. However, it takes a few groans, a bit of rocking back and forth and some good momentum to get moving.

I first discovered CrossFit though my Twitter friends. You know, My Trainer Bob and a few of those other Biggest Loser girls. (We’re totally BFFs.) And I thought, “Interesting – not gonna happen – they’re super skinny now, I’m not.” Then I found out that my friend Liz does it too. Liz is a super cool gal from Canada who decided to move to Melbourne after travelling for months and doing things like, hiking Mt. Everest.  I live vicariously through her. Through our many conversation (me reading her blog), I’ve noticed one thing we have in common – once we start working out, it’s all good. It’s the getting the motivation get to the work out that sucks. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know someone feels your pain. Anyway, her CrossFit post convinced me to try.  (Dear Liz – I promise I am not a stalker. xoxo Pam!)

But where is there a location near me? Next thing I know there is this lime green paper on my mailbox advertising CrossFit Thrive. And guess what – it’s within walking distance of my house. Or biking – should I ever get my bike. Or a 2 minute drive.

I let it sit for a week. Then I called last Tuesday more information. Dan (a.k.a Danimal) is the owner and trainer. He was very nice and informative. Answered all of my stupid questions – what should I bring, what should I wear, will this kill me – typical Pam questions. I told him I’d come by maybe Wednesday but definitely Thursday.

So, I went for my first session on Sunday. (Seriously, I think I could really live out-of-state! I’m chicken to go to CrossFit down the street!) Lucky for me, there were only 2 of us. And the other girl (thank goodness) had only gone a few times.

So we did two rounds of the warm-up:
5 pull ups (I cheated a put my foot in a strap to slingshot me to the bar.)
10 push ups (girly style)
10 kettle bell swings
10 squats using PVC pipe

Then we did some hip and shoulder stretches. But not your basic stretches, really intense stretches.

Then we moved onto our skill training. Basically, this is just a few minutes to work on a skill that you will most likely use at some point during CrossFit. We worked on overhead squat with the PVC pipe – focusing more on form than anything else.

Then we get into the WOD (Workout of the Day):
3 rounds
10 plate rotations (each side) using 10 lb. plate (Hindsight – I should have done more weight. Slacker!)
10 SDLHP (sumo dead lift high pull) using a 25 lb. kettle bell
300 meter run

The WOD should be done quickly, for time.  I finished my 3 rounds in 12:15.

First CrossFit workout for a girl who hasn’t done any strength training in months – I’m going to call it a success!

And since I have a week trial, I wanted to go back – today. My quads had a very LOUD and PAINFUL opinion about that idea. Given that today’s WOD (which they post on Facebook & Twitter, which I think is super awesome) was 150 wall balls for time. (They call this workout Karen. I will need to get to the bottom of this naming business.) My brain thought that sounded so fun!  My legs were actually crying as I watched this video.  And yes, I’m so fearless, I look up the WOD on before even thinking about going.

In a perfect world, I would get up tomorrow morning for the 6:30 a.m. class. I know I won’t be able to go tomorrow night because of GNO (Girls Night Out) with Laura, Carrie and Nicole. We’ll see.

For an actual explanation of CrossFit, here are a few links from the interwebs. Please note – I’ve done this one time. I’m not an expert. I’m not recommending it. I just went one time and enjoyed myself enough that I may go again (if my legs allow).

Have you tried CrossFit? Do you have another favorite at the moment? Do you have random interweb BFFs (blogger you stalk follow that seem like real friends sometimes)?


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