Trying Not To Spill The Beans

Get it….left bean….spill the beans…..

Hey! It made me laugh!

I guess I’ve been MIA the last 10 days. I am teetering on a major life transition and I’m about to burst. As of right now, 3 people know. I want to blog about it and all my feelings surrounding it. But I don’t want to jinx anything so you’ll have to wait.

However, I did learn something this week. Baby steps and this blog are working!

Last week, I didn’t make any baby steps and it was tough! Sounds silly, huh. I only went to CrossFit two times! Who am I?

And my little blog (that no one reads), if I tell you what my plans are, I tend to feel some sort of accountability. Who knew?!??!?

So….The week of August 13th, I will:

1. 4-5 CrossFit sessions
2. Continue with my cookie elimination. Oh, by the way, the great cookie dilemma, I ate the cookie. Absolutely shocking, I’m sure.
3. Be less stressed by work. Organize and stop freaking out, just do it! I need to get the sh!t done and quit being caught up in the amount of work.

So there you go. I’m here. I’m bursting to tell the world what’s happening. But I’ll wait. If the stars align, I’ll be able to update you by the end of the month.


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