Spilling the Beans – Part I

It’s official – I am a horrible blogger. I can say that I’m going to be better, set some goal, and then miss the goal. Whatever…if you continue to stick around, Thank you! If not, you’ll miss the beans!

So, let’s start with spilling the beans.

A few months ago, I was at a lovely girl’s night out with my favorite ladies when I get a text message from my friend Amber. “Call me when you get a chance.” Once we wrapped up our GNO and our chatting about kids, house hunting and vacations, we said our goodbye’s and headed in our separate directions. On the way home, I called Amber.

There was the first part of the call was of the “how’s life” variety. See, I have this issue. I am 100% sure that no one wants to hear about my problems – even my best friends in the entire world. And those wonderful friends of mine know me well enough to know that when I fall off the face of the earth that something is probably up and check on me. Initially this was one of those “check on Pam” calls. (We’ll get to the reasons as to why I have fallen off the face of the earth later. Maybe.)

Then there was the second part of the call which started out “are you still thinking about moving out of state?” to which I responded “everyday”. Come to find out, there is an open position at Amber’s company and she thinks I would fit right in.

The next day, she sent me the job description.

Over the next few days, I updated my resume and sent it along to Amber, who then made her own changes and submitted it to her boss! I say this with love because I hate resumes! I am always grateful for any help!

Two weeks later, I was trying to plan my work schedule around a convenient time for a phone interview with Amber’s boss. After three rescheduled dates/times and becoming BFFs with his assistant, I had an hour phone interview on a Saturday morning.

The following week was spent planning a trip to San Francisco to visit the company and interview with several members of the management team. I was scheduled to leave on Saturday, August 24 and return on Tuesday, August 28.

I, I was ecstatic. My mom, not so much. I’m not going to lie, there were tears. In the end, we both agreed that if an opportunity presents itself, I had to take it. And after a few nights of discussions, I finally convinced her to go with me! It would be her first time in California. She could get to see the city, where I could potentially be working, spend some quality time with Amber and Greg and, the big one, begin to get comfortable traveling.

I spent so much time preparing for this interview. I had note cards with questions and the perfect answer. I had maps. I had company research and information. I bought a super cute new suit. I was prepared.

I was ready.


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