Bay Life…

I’ve had a few Facebook notes or Twitter messages asking me how life is in The Bay. And since I’ve completely neglected my blog for the last month, I’ll write one very long post to fill you in. (FYI – I do have about 10 posts in my brain, on my computer and or on my phone – just not on my blog yet. )

My Condo
I absolutely adore my condo. It is PERFECT for me. Two bed, two bath, small galley kitchen, patio, single car garage, on the second floor, quiet neighbors, some kids but very well behaved…Perfect.

However, I am in need for furniture. I picked out a lovely sofa that turns into a bed at IKEA in Emeryville….that is no longer in stock. I may just get a regular sofa and a bed for my guest room and call it good. Add to my list – desk, chair, dining table, patio furniture, coffee/end tables, night stands – and I should be good. I’ve decided to do it piece by piece so I don’t go into massive debt like I have in the past.

My Job
My job is definitely an adjustment.

First, there is my schedule. It’s a 9/80 schedule which means I work 80 hours over 9 days and get every other Friday off. 4 day work weeks are lovely, 5 day work weeks are torture. Most days are 9 hour days, 10 if you add the lunch hour. I’m pretty worn out after a day at the office and it’s dark. So by 7 p.m., I just want my PJs.

I was very hesitant about being able to “do” the work. And I was wrong – I got this. I love Excel, I love numbers, I can analyze data, I can think creatively and problem solve – no worries.

However, the getting of the data is at times frustrating. For one, everything is saved in 14 different places on 2 different servers and managed by 6 different people. What’s current or accurate is a crap shoot. I’ve just made the problem worse by starting my own files, but I know they are accurate.

I  knew coming in that this was a new position for the company. I’d be working with engineers (who are very much like web developers) and the overall conciseness is that the cost of overhead is too high and guess what I am – overhead. There is even one lovely gentleman who told a finance coworker of mine that a computer could do her job. How’s that for respect? So, I’m in a new position, that very few people value (or even know what I do), working with engineers who don’t necessarily care about the budget, and in an industry that I have no experience. On a daily basis, I am trying to insert myself into engineers programs, get data and prove that I can be valuable to them – if I am utilized.

The other interesting aspect (watch out, I’m putting on my HR hat) is that there was very little introduction of me. In every place that I’ve worked or was the HR person, new employees got the royal treatment on day one. On my first day, there was no agenda, no email introduction, no walking tour with introductions. Nothing. I still only know about 20 people out of the 100+ that work there. It’s just odd. I guess I never really felt welcome. But apparently, I’m learning, that is the company culture.

I am only 10 weeks in and I was told my many of my colleagues that it would be 6 months before I felt comfortable and got the hang of the culture and industry.

My Friends
My dear friends Amber and Greg have been so wonderful to me. I don’t think they realize how easy this transition has been because of them. I would probably hang out with them more than I do but I’m afraid of pushing that boundary of good friend/annoying neighbor. (They live about a mile from me so I call them neighbors.)

There are a few ladies in the workplace that I enjoy lunching with and we’ve even met for the occasional happy hour(s).

I’ve gone to the gym with a lovely gal from the office. I did a meetup from – where I was the youngest person.

I’m getting there.

Day-to-day life is really the same….just different scenery. I still have to work, do laundry, pay bills, eat and sleep. I’ve been sick this week. I have great days at work and not so great days at work. Some days I want to be lazy and I am. Others I want to be active, so I find something to do. I have a grocery store, pharmacy and Target. I have a McDonald’s to get my large Diet Coke. I still hate cooking but a girls gotta eat!

Things I Love
– The Bay – I see glimpses of the bay on my drive to and from work and usually at lunch. I hope I never, ever lose the joy of seeing the bay.
– The City – The tourist parts, the ghetto parts, the beauty is amazing. The skyline is amazing. I love getting an unexpected view of the city and GG (Golden Gate) – it literally takes my breath away every time.
– Public Transportation – It may sound silly, but I love taking the BART into the city. So much better than driving and it really doesn’t take all that much longer and I don’t have to find and pay to park.
– This list could probably go on and on but just know I love this area!

Things I Miss
– The monkeys – We Skype. They ignore me. But I get to see their cute faces.
– The moms – We talk or text every day.
– I would say my brother; however, we have an interesting relationship. When we don’t see each other for awhile, we get more protective and take care of each other more. It doesn’t make sense and a topic for another post.
– Friends and family that I don’t have to be anything other than myself around. I miss the comfortable conversations and silences.
Jimmy Johns. For the love of all that is awesome in this world, I need a Jimmy Johns. Please, please with sugar on top. Turkey Tom (no tomatoes)….where are you?

So there you have it. A very long, picture-less post about Bay Life. Like I said, I have lots of things I want to tell you about locked in my head. Maybe this weekend I’ll find time to let it all out!

Anything else you’d like to know? Any place I should visit on my Saturday Adventures? Any idea how to get me a fresh Turkey Tom?


2 thoughts on “Bay Life…

  1. We’ve got to get you past this cooking issue. It’s so easy and fun to cook! Do you have a crockpot? Perhaps this is our next best way to try some new cooking. Especially since you have that whole 9/10 hour day thing to deal with. Always nice to come home to a dinner ready to go when you haven’t even done anything other than walk in the door.

    • I do have a crockpot….in Indianapolis.And I’m not sure I’d be comfortable leaving it on all day. I know I need to get over it. I’m not sure I’ll ever think it will ever be fun or easy!

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