The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Day-10Growing up, I absolutely hated my name – Pam. And Pamela was worse. Pamela was only used when I was in trouble or during attendance the first day of school when I politely requested to be called Pam.

And the list of nicknames…I could go on for days:

  • Spam
  • Spamela
  • Pammy/Pammie (This one I actually like…but only spelled with an “ie”…..unless you’re Lindy.
  • Peter Pam
  • Map
  • Mapela

And then there was the dreaded adolescent boy favorite: “Wham, Bam, Thank you Pam.”

Also, my mother’s name is Patricia or Pat. Pat and Pam, Pam and Pat. To this day people get us our names confused.

To make matters worse, when you look up Pamela in the traditional baby name book – it means “All Honey”.


Now over my last 35 years, I’ve become accustomed to Pam, Pamela and Pammie. My nieces and nephew know to call me “Aunt Pammie” or get tickled mercilessly.

So, I was really not looking forward to this post until I found this nifty site on the interwebs.

How cool that my name came from a story?! Now I feel like I should become one with said story, but we’ll see.

And a “soul urge” and “expression” number – might be in heaven – I love this stuff.  My soul urge number is so me – to a T. My expression number is about right until the part of being in the limelight…no way. I’m the woman behind the curtain making sure everything is perfect.

I guess to actually answer this challenge question – Talk about how my name fits or doesn’t fit me. Totally fits! Because I am sweet as honey.

I’ll leave you on that sweet note.


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