The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13

Day-13It was a lovely spring morning in April 1978 when I was first introduced to the last person I texted, even though we had been together for nine months prior. 🙂

My momma! I don’t even know how to begin to talk about my relationship with my mom.

My mom is the one constant in my life. (Even when I was the devil child around age 13.) She attended all of my games and events. Took me and my friends to practices, dances or whatever we “needed” to do. My friends loved being at my house, well, because I’m awesome – and because of my mom. She was just a great mom. High school friends remember fresh cookies, slumber parties and awesome music (The Beatles, Bee Gees, Elton John).

She’s even a published author…of romance novels! Not the slutty ones though. She always said that she wanted her daughter (me) and mother to be able to read her novels without being mortified about the content. I loved ready the manuscripts. She’d print them out chapter by chapter and place in a box (think envelope office supply box or hanging folder box). While I was in high school, she took a sabbatical from work to focus on her writing. I remember going to sleep listening to her typing away and being at such peace.

After she and my dad divorced, I always worried about her. My dad was the first guy she dated. But you know what, she survived and I believe she is truly happy with her life today. She learned to make it on her own and taught me so much more than she probably even knows. I feel like I’ve learned more from her in the last 15 years than in the first 20 years of my life.

And in the process, she really has become my best friend. We talk almost daily, even with the three hour time difference. She’s still my mother can gets made a me for not having an earthquake kit or worries about me when I’m sick, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a true friendship.

I’m sure I have a million and one stories that could illustrate my point but there is this watery stuff blinding my eyes. I better stop before it gets any worse.

Love you momma!


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