The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 16

Day-16-If-you-planted-aI have always wanted to do a time capsule, especially when I saw the gang on 90210 do one. Remember, David put Scott’s cowboy hat in it right after he killed himself playing with a gun?!? (I still heart David Silver!)

In my time capsule, I would place:

1. A current newspaper so I could remember what happened on this date 20 years ago.

2. A CD with my top 20 favorite songs. Probably also a portable CD player since those may be gone in 20 years. Probably not, but I worry about things like that.

3. A few of my favorite photos of friends and family.

4. A letter to me describing the current state of my life, the world, and what I hope to have accomplished by the time this is opened.

5. I love my celebrity gossip! I would put in a few celeb rags – InTouch, Inquirer, People and maybe a Vogue. I think it would be fun to play “where are they now” with today’s pop culture.

What am I missing?


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