As a Taurus, I am very hard-headed, as in stubborn.

As I learned yesterday, I literally am hard-headed.

Picture it (channeling my inner Sophia Petrillo), Noblesville, 2012, a young girl (I’m still young at 33, right?) was hurrying to unload a car full of groceries. It was a warm day but very, VERY windy. With a bag of cat food and case of diet coke in one hand, trying to stop tissue paper from flying out of the trunk while picking up laundry detergent, the trunk lid closed. On my head. Um….ouch!

After finding my vision again, I went inside sure that I had blood gushing from my head. I didn’t lose consciousness, but the world was fuzzy for awhile and I had to take a knee for a few seconds before carrying loot inside.

I checked for blood. Then checked my teeth because they came together pretty hard. Then I freaked out. In a matter of minutes, I had a HUGE goose egg on my forehead. So I did what every drama queen does, Googled concussion (WebMD is my friend).

So, I calmed myself down, had a bite to eat, iced my head and fell asleep. I woke up after about an hour, freaking out! You’re not supposed to sleep with a concussion. So I called in reinforcements – my mom.

Mom: Hello.

Me: How do you know if you have a concussion?

Mom: (HEAVY SIGH) What did you do?

Me: (Repeat story above.)

Mom: Do you feel dizzy, have any sight issues, running into walls?

Me: No, No, and I always run into walls.

Mom: Have you slept? (She knows me too well!)

Me: Yes.

Mom: Did you wake up?

Me: Um, yes.

Mom: You’re probably fine but call me in the morning to let me know you woke up.

Now, this should have reassured me. But it just made me question my every move. And again, being the drama queen that I am, set my alarm for every two hours to make sure I actually wake up. But I didn’t sleep much wondering how long I’ve been laying there. About 6 a.m., I fell asleep. My alarm went off at 7:30 for a 9:00 meeting.

At the 7:30 alarm, I decided I’m too  tired! If I don’t wake up, fine! I just want to sleep! I sent a text to cancel my meeting, sent a text to my Mom saying I was alive and went to sleep…..until noon. I stay up all night to make sure I wake up then sleep all day! Serious issues here people!

And to top it all off, there is no bruise. I was expecting some sort of war wound. No bruise, goose egg gone, still a little tender but other than that – nothing. Guess I’m hard-headed literally and figuratively!

Have you ever had a concussion? Does checking WebMD help or freak you out more?


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