Define Victory

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been very reading lots of other blogs. One blog that I’ve recently stumbled upon is by Seth Godin. Seth is a author, marketing guru, entrepreneur and blogger. A few weeks ago, I subscribed to his blog. Today’s blog, titled Declaring Victory, really got my attention and I highly recommend reading it.

I made my project list (aka resolutions) a few weeks ago. But did I actually define what victory or completion of those projects looks like? In most cases, I think I have a pretty clear victory point. And a pretty clear failure point.

Where this blog really hit home with me is in my job search. What does victory look like? Just any job? Lots of money? A new career? More school? I have no idea. I’ve been a “slog”. I think I’ve known for awhile that I’ve been slogging along from some time now. For whatever reason, reading this blog made sense.

Guess it’s time to define victory! Wish me luck!


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