Training Week 1 of 15

I told you that you were going to have to help me stay motivated. So rather than fess up about my week, I just didn’t tell you. Rather pathetic.

So this was my plan starting last Monday:

Monday: Strength & Stretch Perfect! Beautiful! YAY me!
Tuesday: 3 mile run/walk – I switched up Tuesday and Wednesday. Neighborhood run/walk 2.16 miles! YAY!
Wednesday: 2 mile run/walk or cross train – 3 miles on the beautiful Ohio River Greenway. YAY!
Thursday: 3 mile run/walk & strength – All day at a golf outing. Definitely a rest day.
Friday: Rest – And I’m really tired so I’ll take another rest day. And go drink beer at Miranda Lambert.
Saturday: 4 mile run/walk – I’m too tired from drinking beer and seeing Miranda Lambert.
Sunday: Cross train – My amazing cousin is in town and I won’t see her again for at least a year and a half. I had to visit and eat two hamburgers and chocolate brownies.

I consider that 4/7 days or 57%. If I were being graded, I’d fail. But in workout land, one day is better than no days so I passed!!

Week 2 training schedule
Monday: Total Body Conditioning
Tuesday: 3 mile run/walk
Wednesday: 2 mile run/walk – interval drills
Thursday: 3 mile run/walk & strength training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 mile run/walk
Sunday: Cross train

Since I work in a community center with fitness classes, an indoor walking/running track, work out equipment, etc. and get a discount, I figured I should start using it! So I’m revising my schedule a bit include these classes.

I’m also embracing cross-training this go-round. It was recommended that I do more cross-training at this time last year, but I just wanted to run. Now I understand that if I deflate the inner tube, I might actually run faster.

Now onto the fun stuff…..

The Association I work for hosted a golf outing in Clarksville Indiana last Thursday. I’ve been planning this event for months and (thank the Lord) it all came together nicely. The best part (sadly enough) was my running route when I got into town on Wednesday night. It was a beautiful evening and a beautiful trail. I knew I had just enough time to get in 3 miles so I did a quick out and back. Apparently there was a way to make a 3 mile loop…..I missed it. Anyway, it was still awesome!

Hello Ohio River Greenway! And Welcome to Clarksville Indiana!

Hello Louisville! This was where I started and ran by the water for a bit.

Coming back – rolling hills and look, Louisville again! Hello!

This trip did bring up many blogging questions:
1. How does one blog while on a work trip? I checked into the hotel, changed clothes, found the greenway, ran (walk/ran), found my way back to the hotel, showered, had dinner/drinks with co-workers and went to bed around midnight. I was exhausted. I wanted to tell you all about this path when I was on my runners high.

2. How does one take photos while running? I opted to take my camera instead of my cell phone (Shhhhh…don’t tell my mom!). And I’d run a bit then stop for a photo op. I probably stopped 5-10 times (or 12) for photos. A 3 mile outing took almost 50 minutes. Every photo that I took while moving was blurry.

3. How does one blog daily? I always have so many fun things I want to share. But I can spend an hour on one simple blog post. Maybe I’ll get faster. And write with less error and grammatical mistakes.  Or maybe I’ll get faster.

Now you’re all caught up….except the 19 posts I keep promising and never write. No travel this week so I’m shooting for 100% on Week 2 training and at least one more post. We’ll see. Need to figure out how to motivate myself on the weekends.

Hope you had a happy Monday!

Any fellow bloggers to answer my blogging questions? Any tips on staying motivated on the weekend? Just want to say hi?


New Training Program

I’ve made another crazy decision – I’m running the Blues at the Crossroads half marathon in September. And I have a real training plan for the next 15 weeks. That seems like a long time but also a really short time, does that make any sense? Anyway, I did this race last year and it was my first half marathon. I feel like I need to go back and do better than my previous time.

I’m coming for you


And you, lovely blog, are going to help me! I am committing to blog every Sunday with my weekly training schedule and update on the previous weeks successes.

Monday: Strength & Stretch
Tuesday: 3 mile run/walk
Wednesday: 2 mile run/walk or cross train
Thursday: 3 mile run/walk & strength
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 mile run/walk
Sunday: Cross train

I am traveling for work on Wednesday and Thursday so I will have to be proactive and do Wednesday’s workout before I leave. And I will most likely make Thursday a rest day and Friday the 3 mile & strength.

Here’s to a good week!


Absolutely No Excuse

Oh little blog, I’ve abandoned you. Not intentionally. I think of you all the time. If only I could force myself to sit down and pen an incredible blog entry that will make you happy.

Unfortunately, the only reason I’m writing today is because I am avoiding my taxes like the plague. I’ve balanced my bank account, downloaded all the pictures from my phone and updated my iPod. Now, I’m blogging.

I’d love to tell you that Insanity is going GREAT, training is right on track and I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight. Alas, none of those are true. Insanity is hard. And my motivation is soft. Training is hard. And my motivation is soft. Cookies are good. And my will power is soft.

I’m a bit discouraged at the moment. The job is great, but again, I don’t want to be working. My weight is at the highest point ever. I will be walking about half marathon in May when I was hoping to be running the entire thing. I’m moving home at the end of April. All of these points will be detailed further in future posts.

There are still lots of things that make me happy!

Like the Shamrock 4-miler on St. Patty’s Day!

Friends who like to wake up at the crack of dawn and do the Shamrock 4-miler with me. Some even travel from Alabama to play with me. (Or were already coming anyway and made time for me!)

Being Coach Pam and working with my amazing Girls on the Run team!

Handsome men in my life!

And last but not least, my beloved Kentucky Wildcats are headed back to the Final Four! C-A-T-S CATS! CATS! CATS!

Now back to the taxes. 😦

Define Victory

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been very reading lots of other blogs. One blog that I’ve recently stumbled upon is by Seth Godin. Seth is a author, marketing guru, entrepreneur and blogger. A few weeks ago, I subscribed to his blog. Today’s blog, titled Declaring Victory, really got my attention and I highly recommend reading it.

I made my project list (aka resolutions) a few weeks ago. But did I actually define what victory or completion of those projects looks like? In most cases, I think I have a pretty clear victory point. And a pretty clear failure point.

Where this blog really hit home with me is in my job search. What does victory look like? Just any job? Lots of money? A new career? More school? I have no idea. I’ve been a “slog”. I think I’ve known for awhile that I’ve been slogging along from some time now. For whatever reason, reading this blog made sense.

Guess it’s time to define victory! Wish me luck!

My First Post

It’s the last day of the long Thanksgiving weekend and I’ve finally decided to post my first blog. I’ve had the blog setup for quite a while now but haven’t felt compelled to pen my first entry.

So what will this blog be? I’m sure some ranting and raving about the topic of the day. But most of all, this blog is going to be my commitment and accountability to getting healthy. I’m no expert. I’m not going to post my “stats” yet because it’s pretty embarrassing. But a couple goals (which I will expand upon over the life of the blog):

  1. Lose 3o-50 pounds (healthy).
  2. Run an entire half marathon in May 2012. Goal time 2:15-2:30.

Hopefully you’ll join me on my journey. I’d love feedback!!