Just A Few Weeks Ago…..

I was on vacation….in Indianapolis. Who vacations in Indianapolis, you ask. Well, those who abandoned friends and family to live in California.

While in Indianapolis, I did lots of fun things which may, or may not, end up on this blog eventually (as I am apparently a horrific blogger). But I will tell you about my most fun adventure with this girl:


BFFs since 6th grade.

And we went to visit with our other BFF. She was so stoked we were there, she sang to us! For like an hour! That’s what besties do!


Kelly Clarkson, y’all! I’m expecting an invite to the wedding…we’re just that close.

Then my hot boyfriend and his band came out to say whassup and sing a few tunes!


I don’t worry about the tabloids and these engagement rumors. Those people aren’t even in our real lives anyway.

Want to see a few more? Thought so!


You don’t know a thing about me!


People like us we gotta stick together.


Seriously, is my boyfriend the hottest, or what?


See you at home babes!

Pathetic captions aside, if you get a chance to see Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5 – do it. Don’t question. Bring your lunch for a week. Just go.

Peace out!



Off the Grid

This holiday weekend, I am freeing myself from technology. I’ll be glamping. And I am going technology free. No cell. No internet. No Facebook. No Twitter. No horoscopes. No news. No Pinterest. No email. No blogs. (I need to stop typing before I break out in hives.)

The only technology I will use in my Kindle. However, no connecting to wi-fi. If it’s not already in my library, it’s not going to be read by me!

Let me know if I miss anything good!

Happy trails!