(Lack of) Motivation Monday

Hey! Remember last week when I told you all about my week 3 training plan. You don’t? Oh, yeah, that’s because I suck. Oh, and I haven’t really blogged since June 17th. Total suckage. But I’m here now with an update on Pamland.

Let’s go back to Week 2 Training Plan which looked something like this:

Monday: Total Body Conditioning – Check
Tuesday: 3 mile run/walk – Check
Wednesday: 2 mile run/walk – interval drills – Suck
Thursday: 3 mile run/walk & strength training –Suck
Friday: Rest – Check
Saturday: 4 mile run/walk – Check
Sunday: Cross train – Suck

Overall, not a bad week. Still hanging around that 57%.

Week 3 Training Plan went as follows:


Now mind you, I have a full plan, already mapped out, I just have to do it. And last week (week 3), I did nothing. So let’s talk about my nothing that I did.

See, I really do have a plan! And it’s such a lovely plan!

I knew I had a flex day last week since I’d be working on Saturday hosting an event. I decided to take it Tuesday (June 19th), otherwise known as the best day ever!

  • 9 a.m dentist appointment – no cavities. Brushing your teeth is awesome!
  • 11 a.m. trip to CarMax to find out that I can get a new car with LOWER monthly payments and better gas mileage.
  • 2:00 p.m. find said car after multiple test drives.
  • 7:00 p.m. Blind date

So, first things first, meet Trip. Trip is a 2010 Mazda 3 (get it, Trip). She’s super cute, gets great gas mileage, and likes to zoom, zoom. I mean, really, isn’t she pretty?! I am so happy!

With all of this crazy funness on Tuesday, I didn’t have time to squeeze in a workout.

And because I arrived home from above mentioned blind date until 1:30 a.m., worked all day, then babysat that night until midnight, there was no time for a workout.

Thursday I was just too tired from the awesomeness of my week and Friday I was just BITTER that I had to work on Saturday. Saturday I was too tired from working 12 hours and Sunday I had to do my chores – laundry, shopping, napping, etc.

I am the queen of excuses. I am very much aware of this. Please do not lecture me. I swear everyday last week someone posted that ridiculous post “someone busier than you is running right now”. Yes, I know. Now stop.

So, the plan for this week: Well, that’s a really good question. I have a plan (see above). I’m just thinking about ditching it for a couple of weeks. I don’t mean I’m going to stop exercising, I’m just going to adjust from my running plan. There is a whole post in my head about this new thinking in my head and how I got there.

Stay tuned this week for “The Blind Date” and “A New Way of Thinking”. I promise they are coming this week.


Memorial Day Motivation Monday

A special Memorial Day Motivation Monday

Thank you to all of those who sacrifice their time, family and lives to serve.
Thank you to my grandfathers, my father, my uncles who protected and continue to protect their family.
Thank you to all of the families at home, praying, waiting and struggling to live each day without their loved one.

Thank you for the chills I get when the national anthem is performed.
Thank you for the tears that well up during a fly over.
Thank you for the motivation to do something more than I am so the sacrifice isn’t in vain.

Today is a day to be grateful for all you have, a day to say a prayer for those in service and a day of remembrance.


Motivation Monday

These girls are my Motivation.

These are my girls during our Season Celebration!

I was blessed to spend my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with these girls for the past 12 weeks. They have kept me motivated. They have kept me busy. They most definitely kept me humble. They called me out. They made me laugh. They made me cry. They made me tired.

Ready and waiting in Corral E!

Our last event together was a 5K race. And even though most of us were up and moving by 5:30 AM, we were smiling and happy and ready for face and hair paint. Some of us, as you can see, were a bit happier than others!

Already perfected the finish line smiling photo!

Anytime I want to quit or feel too far away from the finish line, I will always think of there smiling face, the pride, the excitement and the sheer joy. I will be reminded this is what it’s all about. After all, if you’re not having fun….why do it.

And that, my friends, is Motivation Monday.

Motivation Monday (on Tuesday)

Sorry so late with Motivation Monday (Tuesday).This is more of a personal Motivation Monday.

Yep. Front page of the Sunday Indianapolis Star.

Shall we have a caption contest?

  • “Good God woman, get out of the way!”
  • “Oh how I wish I was you right now?”
  • “I’ll cut a bitch!”

Feel free to add your own.

Nothing is more motivating than a dozen photo of you struggling through a half marathon and realizing your “inner tube” could save most of the member of the Titanic.

If I can’t laugh at myself, I’ll just cry and that is no fun!