Motivation Monday (on Tuesday)

Sorry so late with Motivation Monday (Tuesday).This is more of a personal Motivation Monday.

Yep. Front page of the Sunday Indianapolis Star.

Shall we have a caption contest?

  • “Good God woman, get out of the way!”
  • “Oh how I wish I was you right now?”
  • “I’ll cut a bitch!”

Feel free to add your own.

Nothing is more motivating than a dozen photo of you struggling through a half marathon and realizing your “inner tube” could save most of the member of the Titanic.

If I can’t laugh at myself, I’ll just cry and that is no fun!


3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday (on Tuesday)

  1. I just read this! I am seriously laughing! Thank you for the caption contest! I have not laughed this hard in quite sometime!

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