One Race or Two?

My goal was to get my 5k time down around 35-38 minutes by the end of the year. (My most recent attempt was 41:38.) I’ve been focusing more on cross-training than running the past two weeks.

There are two races I’m interested in this month:

1. 5th Annual 5K’s of Christmas Presented By the Carmel Running Club

  • Date: December 17th
  • It’s very close to me.
  • I love running the Monon Trail.
  • The Carmel Running Club is new and I might want to get involved.

2. 7th Annual Race to the New Year

  • Date: December 31st
  • Even closer to me.
  • I’ve been running Cool Creek Park all summer.
  • It’s a great exercise before I attend any New Years festivities.

I really need to decide by Monday and register. Thoughts? Suggestions?


Bat-Shit Crazy Robin

I woke up Monday morning with plenty of time to make the 8:30 Step Plus Abs class at the gym. Instead, I decided to finish up a freelance project I had to have done by the afternoon. This actually was a good decision because it took longer than I had expected. I would have been pushing the deadline if I had worked out in the morning.

Instead, I went to Step Circuit at 5:45. Step Circuit is step combinations plus weight training. The instructor, Robin, said she wanted to do things differently this class: 30-40 minutes of step then 10-15 minutes of weights. Typically, there is a step combination, then weights, alternating the entire class.

Couple things to remember here – 1) I haven’t done step in MANY years. 2) The class is packed. 3) I’m dead in the middle of the room. 4) I’m the only newbie!

After the warmup and the first combination, I began to refer to Robin as Bat-Shit Crazy Robin (only in my mind, of course). I think this chick was making it up as she went along. I was good with the basics, wide steps, up-and-overs (with and without squats), repeaters. I even remembered the “I Step”. But then she added this Merry-Go-Round thing with a travel move – I was always the one facing the wrong direction, traveling the wrong way, starting with my left instead of my right. I seriously felt like I was just walking in circles for about 10 minutes; however, I did get a good belly laugh out of it!

I didn’t run after class because I was so worn out – more mentally than physically.

Tuesday I had planned to do a back-to-back consisting of Body Works and Kickboxing – two favorites of mine. Body Works is a low-weight dumbbell, high repetition workout. And wouldn’t you know, I get in there, all set up, ready to rock and I notice who our instructor is – Bat-Shit Crazy Robin. I was good with the warm up because it was practically identical to the Step class warm up. And surprisingly, Bat-Shit Crazy Robin wasn’t quite so Bat-Shit Crazy. It was actually a pretty awesome workout. Nothing too crazy, no Merry-Go-Rounds, just lots and lots and LOTS of reps which was awesome!

However, I was spent afterwards so I skipped Kickboxing. I’m such a slacker!

I may take tonight off or I’ll go see Bat-Shit Crazy Robin at 5:45 for another round of Step. That’s still TBD…

Lifetime and Accountability

So, I’m happy to report:

  • Henry Krinkle and Rebecca reconciled their differences and are still engage. And their families eventually got along despite their difference.
  • Emily finally made it home to her Christmas wedding to Ben!
  • Tom, though tragically killed in a car accident, went into the light after making sure that Susan and Jonathon (his wife and son) were going to live happily ever after.

It’s been a Lifetime movie marathon day! I was going to turn it off and get some things done after Ben and Emily got married. However, I was sucked into Susan’s story immediately and didn’t want to miss out.

Hey – I’m unemployed – I can’t shop, can’t go out to eat, can’t sit at a bar all day watching football and drinking beers – Don’t judge! Plus it’s raining and icky outside. (Have you noticed I’m the queen of excuses?!?!)

I did, however, make my workout schedule for the week:

  • Monday – Step plus Abs, run/walk 2 miles
  • Tuesday – Back-to-back – Body Works then Kickboxing
  • Wednesday – Back to back – Step plus Abs then Body Works
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Run/walk 2-3 miles
  • Saturday/Sunday – at least one Spin class. We’ll see how I feel.

I’ve put it out there so now I have to do it, right!?

Do you plan your workouts for the week? Are you a sucker for a Lifetime movie, like me?

Wine and Psychic Reading

Last night, a very wonderful friend, Nicole, threw a psychic reading party. Nicole invited Nona, a psychic she met through another friend, to her home and we each got a 20ish minute meeting. It was such a fun night! Lots of wine, snacky food and a good debrief after each reading. Here’s mine:

In a previous life, my “job” was to cleanse the feet of the people entering the home. If I didn’t do it well, I could be killed. I hated this job which is why I dislike other peoples feet in this life. And why I am obsessed with my own feet (pedicures are my best friend).

I’m 33 this year which is a master number. 33 includes 3 (obviously) for a fun, creative and communicative period in my life.

She sees me working with children, maybe a daycare. Which is interesting because I’m currently unemployed and considered getting a teacher certification. And as it related to my employment, she sees a choice between 5 positions at the beginning of 2012.

She asked if I recently had a “relationship speed bump” recently. (It was actually more of a speed mountain but I didn’t tell her that). She said that I needed to let him go. And when I said I had, she told me the spirits know and are telling me to REALLY move on. She said that in every other aspect of my life, I take charge and speak up but with relationships I always take the back seat and put his needs ahead of my own. (Very true.)

I’m also destined to make lots of money and will use it make a difference. 

I’m going to meet a very handsome, smart, possibly Jewish man from the East Coast.

I will have 3 children.

However, none to these things will happen until I’m easier on myself. Give myself a break. Realize I am who I am  and become ok with that. Realize that I am worthy of happiness and open to all the gifts the universe wants to give me.

Those are the high points! I should have asked if I was going to be able to shave an hour off of my first half marathon time, darn!

Have you ever had a psychic reading? Anything fun or creepy to share?


Randomness – Sickly, Bras and Mahjong

As typical with me, as soon as I gain motivation, something comes up! What was it John Lennon said “life is what happens while you’re making other plans”? I know how true that is all too well!

To workout or not to workout

I promise I’m not a hypochondriac! I haven’t felt 100% in a few days, so I haven’t worked out. Is this bad? Is this good? I really don’t know. Emotionally, I know I need to workout because I’m beginning to get annoyed rather easily. Physically, I know I need a good workout because I’m starting to feel the itch. Mentally, I’m stuck. What if I work out and feel worse? What if I can’t get through a good run and then lose motivation? I swear, I can “what if” better than anyone I know! Bottom line – I haven’t worked out since the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s been a week. I just need to suck it up and go, right? (Thanks for letting me work through that!)

Over the shoulder boulder holder

Today, my Mom and I went to get a custom bra fitting. It was probably one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in a long time! If you’re in the Indianapolis area, check out Barbara’s New Beginning. Awesome staff, very knowledgeable. Very sassy bras – even for those of us with larger than normal “girls”. My girls have two new outfits thanks to my Mom (a.k.a. Santa). I’ve definitely been wearing the wrong size! And now, I will tell you – my girls are happy!

Ladies that Lunch

One final thought – Today I watched as a group of older women lunched together, chatting and laughing like no one else was in the room (it was a cafeteria style restaurant). Then they got up, went to two new 4-top tables, covered them with a plastic table cloth and brought out the Mahjong games! These ladies were HARD CORE!

Not my ladies - well, because they're mostly men, and asian, and just not my ladies.

This is not a picture of my ladies that lunch (as 3 or the 4 are men) but it gives you a bit of an idea if you’ve never seen the game before.

Do you workout when you’re sick? Have you ever had a true bra fitting? Have you ever played Mahjong with a group of ladies at lunch? Do you have scheduled ladies that lunch dates?