The Color Run

The Color Run. The Happiest 5K on the Planet? Probably not.

If you remember, my goal was just to enjoy this race. Goal complete! I did enjoy this race. I started met up with my cousin and a few of her friends. One of the girls was totally up for walking so I had a buddy. My cousin had a goal of running the entire race and was successful! YAY KERI! I ran into two great friends who were also running.

It was a PERFECT day – weather-wise. Anyone who lives in the Midwest knows the extreme drought we have. I heard on the news today that 25 of28 days of July have been 90+ degrees. We had a lovely rain shower Friday afternoon that cooled things off. Bottom line – it was the perfect day for a race.

Pre-race. All pretty and white!

Now, let’s talk about the organization of the race. We were supposed to start at 8 a.m. We didn’t start moving toward the start line until 8:30, starting at about 9. The path was pretty typical for raced at White River State Park.  However, there were too many people for the final leg of the race that used a smaller sidewalk.  Recommendation – better organize the start. Maybe use corrals – not necessarily for time but for number of people to start each wave.

Our first view of the starting line.

Let’s chat about this color stuff. The color itself is a powder and was sprayed with large squeeze bottles (think ketchup/mustard plastic bottle). On the website, it stated if you want a ton of color run on the outside, less color run down the middle. The first color was orange and I went right down the middle – I received NO color. The next color area – yellow – was a bit more color as I was on the outside. The next 3 color stops – blue, pink, purple – we waiting in a line to get sprayed with color. Still nothing like the advertisements, I was disappointed.

You were also given a color packet to use at the end of the race at the celebration. Cool idea – yes. However, you had to run with it. There was also a list of things to bring – towel, change of clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc., but no bag check. Maybe these could be handed out as you cross the finish line. And a bag check would be nice.

The aftermath.

Overall, a good day! I had a good time, good company and a fun event.  Given the cost of the race, I doubt I will do it again.

Have you run The Color Run? Did you have a good time? What other type of fun runs are out there?


My Year in Review

2011 was definitely a year of highs and lows.


  • Work was busy, busy, busy.
  • I had decided to end an abusive relationship in late 2010. However, he promised to get help so I hung on. But in January, it was really over and I was devastated. Because work was so busy, I decided not to process anything.


  • Icepocalypse 2011 – Trapped in my lonely apartment for 3 days, now plenty of time to process the death of my relationship. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. Probably the lowest I have ever been in my entire life.
  • Trip to San Francisco to see my wonderful friends Amber and Greg. Monterrey Bay, Chinese New Year Parade, Napa – Just want  I needed!

Seriously, it looks like I belong in Napa - right?


  • Moved in with a roommate – not best friends but I’m rarely alone. Plus a huge cost savings!
  • A wonderful weekend adventure with Renee to Camp Chesterfield with 3 psychic readings!
  • My very good friend Nicole’s bachelorette party.

April – Birthday Month (Yes, I get an entire month!)

  • My University of Kentucky Wildcats made it to the final four! We’ll be in the final game this year (fingers crossed).
  • Trip to Florida with my BFF Crystal including a visit with Toni, Alex, Emma and Annie!
Toni – One of my favorite people on the planet.
  • MY BIRTHDAY – Also known as my favorite holiday!
  • Nicole and Eric’s wedding.


  • A few dates, nothing promising, but at least I was dating again!
  • Remember how work was so busy, well it wasn’t in May – I was laid off.
  • I decided to become a gypsy – you have something you need done, I’ll do it! Babysitting, moving, packing, unpacking, QuickBooks setup, tradeshows, sales….you get the idea.
  • Fell in love with running!!


  • Fell in love with hot yoga!
  • Lots of laying by the pool.


  • Motley Crue/Poison Concert – Never in a million years did I ever see myself attending this concert. Not my scene, but fun!
  • Discovery of lefty.
  • More laying by the pool.


  • Girls trip to Nashville with my 4 best friends from high school!

    In the hotel lobby before the fun. You're welcome girls!

  • My very first attempt at a 5K run. (Not very successful.)
  • Decided I was going to run/walk a half marathon.
  • Jimmy Buffett Concert

Wasting away again in Margariettaville!


  • Blues at the Crossroads Half Marathon – Terre Haute, Indiana

I wanted to finish within the 4 hour time limit. And finish I did. I was slow but so proud!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen – Mr. Elton John! This is the 5th time I’ve seen Sir Elton in concert! However, this time I was literally 5 feet from the man! And I took my mom, aunt and BF, Nicole. So flippin’ awesome!

This picture was taken from my craptacular phone with no zoom. We were that close!

  • My baby brother turned 30!!!


  • Completely taken advantage of my one of my gypsy clients. I did nothing but work for this woman for peanut during the month of October. Lessons learned – boundaries, learning to say no, self-respect!
  • Freak out – my gypsy client was my main source of income. When we parted ways, I lost my income.


  • Miss Pam needs a job STAT! Let the job search begin….
  • Another race, Goose Poop Challenge with Heather McMahon.

And we're running!

  • Matt and Chris’s Wedding!
  • The worst interview in the history of the world! (I may have to post on this later.)
  • Wishbone 5K run Thanksgiving morning.


  • Still job searching…..
  • Surviving the holiday season.
  • Planning for a A-MAZ-ING 2012! (Resolutions to come!)

How would you classify 2011? Good? Bad? Challenging? Best Year Ever?

One Race or Two?

My goal was to get my 5k time down around 35-38 minutes by the end of the year. (My most recent attempt was 41:38.) I’ve been focusing more on cross-training than running the past two weeks.

There are two races I’m interested in this month:

1. 5th Annual 5K’s of Christmas Presented By the Carmel Running Club

  • Date: December 17th
  • It’s very close to me.
  • I love running the Monon Trail.
  • The Carmel Running Club is new and I might want to get involved.

2. 7th Annual Race to the New Year

  • Date: December 31st
  • Even closer to me.
  • I’ve been running Cool Creek Park all summer.
  • It’s a great exercise before I attend any New Years festivities.

I really need to decide by Monday and register. Thoughts? Suggestions?