Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, this happened.

Screenshot 2013-11-23 13.46.51Yep, I’ve been a California resident for a full year! And what a year it has been! While this year has probably been one of the most difficult I have faced, it is still the best decision I have ever made.

The Good:

  • The weather – I once thought that I wanted to live somewhere warm all year round. However, I have learned that I love the seasonal changes and I love sunshine.
  • The area – 30 minutes from San Francisco, 30 minutes from Napa – perfection!
  • Being lost – I love exploring new areas and with that comes getting lost. Yes, I get lost quite often. This is typically something that would stress me out; however, I’ve learned to find joy. You never know what’s just around the bend.
  • My family – My family has been so supportive of my adventure, it amazes me.

The Bad:

  • The job – While I am listing this under “the bad”, I knew what I was getting into before I step foot on the plane. I knew it would be challenging. I knew I was up against the “boys club”. However, I thought I would be part of a duo.
  • Belize – The better part of my duo left me and ran away with her handsome husband to Belize. Yep, Amber abandoned me. And I say that full of love! I love that she and Greg are doing exactly what they want to do and exploring the world. I also know I will always have a place to vacation. I do, however, miss my buddies more than they will ever know.
  • My family – I miss them every day. Thank goodness for Skype.

The Ugly:

  • My weight – It’s kind of like the freshman 15 all over again, except this time I’m didn’t start as a cute little 125 pounder.
  • My family – Last week the building my brother was in was hit by a tornado. He’s fine and all is well, but I have never been so scared and angry at myself for being 3,000 miles away. There was nothing I could do so it wouldn’t matter if I were there or not.

It hasn’t been perfect and at times it has been down right hard. I’m a tough girl and I love the challenge. Next up – time to find some love!



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