Must Love Books!

The number one item on my list of 13 13’s in 2013 was to read 13 books for pleasure which I’ve gone above and beyond. And I know I’ve gone above and beyond because I listed the books I could remember on my update post last month and because I’ve read 12 books in November. Yes, in the short 25 days of November, I have finished 12 books.

So, one night about a month ago, I started searching for free books to download to my Kindle. I downloaded two or three books and promptly forgot about them (which is very typical for me).

cover-llpbt-smallOne of the books that I downloaded was by Heather Wardell titled Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo. This is the first book in the Toronto Series.

Before I go any further, I need to explain one of my little idiosyncrasies. First, I love a good series – movie, book, television – love, love, love. Second, I’ve been known to binge – books, television, food. I watched the entire first 5 seasons of Breaking Bad before the final 8 episodes aired probably within a month. Finally, I have to read books in order in a series. For example, during this same book search I downloaded a book that I read and later found out to be the fourth in a series of five. I had not further interest in the books. I couldn’t go back, I already knew too much.

So, now that you know that I’m certifiable, we can move forward.

Oh crap, I had another one. I can’t but a book down once I’ve started. I stayed up until 1 a.m. last night finishing book #12, which I started at 7:30 p.m. Yes, I read the entire book with a few potty breaks. And when I moved from the couch to the bed. And as I crawled into bed, I promised myself I would read for one more hour then go to sleep. I broke that promise.

Now we can move forward.

cover-collectionvolume1This book set in my Kindle for few weeks. On November 3rd, I started it. On November 5th, I purchased the Toronto Collection Volume One.

Go Small or Go Home
Planning to Live
Stir Until Thoroughly Confused
A Life that Fits



On November 14th, I purchased the Toronto Collection Volume Two.

Live Out Loud
Blank Slate Kate
Finding My Happy Pace
All At Sea

We’re currently up to 9 books. Stick with me here kiddos. After I wrapped up Volume Two, I wanted to see what else was out there. I mean, this couldn’t be the end, right? I was correct. Last Thursday night I downloaded the final three books available in the series. The next book comes out on December 4th and according to Heather’s website (we’re totally on a first name basis), there will be a collection. However, I couldn’t wait.

Good to Myself
Pink is a Four Letter Word
Everybody’s Got a Story

Slightly crazy, yep. But this is just such a good series and here are just a few reason’s why I think so.

1. The books are numbered. There is no confusion. Toronto Series #3, Toronto Series #10, etc. There is no getting confused…unless you can’t count. If that’s the case, we have bigger issues.

2. They are all loosely based on one another. For example, you meet Kegan in book #1, but then you also get an update on his life in several of the other books. Other characters have interactions with him or dine at his restaurant or whatever. It was just such a cool connection for me. I’ve never been one to enjoy the “and they lived happily ever after” ending. I like to know if they got married, had babies, won the race, whatever. I get invested. I need to know. And with this series, you do know.

3. If you haven’t noticed, this is most definitely chic-lit. And if you’ve been on this blog a few times, you know I love chic-lit. However, I’ve grown tired of the poor, single 22 year-old who was sure she would never find love in her live. Seriously, if your character is 22 and desperate for love, I’m probably not going to believe it. Heather’s female characters between 28 and 40 years old and, of course, looking for love. Guess what? This 35 year-old single girl can identify with these women looking for love.

4. I feel like they are more real life than most chic-lit. Everybody has a job, a life, friends, family, issues just like in real life…or at least my life. They touch on serious issues. There’s sex but you don’t feel like the relationships are built only on sex. I feel like I could be in some of these scenes.

5. Happily ever after isn’t always the way you think. I admit, I had to put Planning to Live in the freezer for a while to collect myself. (If you get this reference without watching the video, we may be best friends.)

6. My dream man in a character named Andrew. Heather, please make him real for me. K. Thanks!

If you can overlook my complete obsessive nature, I would recommend this series. And you must do them in order. Or I might have to go all OCD on your book lovin’ booty!

Dear Heather – Thank you for an amazing series! You have earned a loyal reader for as long as the Toronto Series lasts. And because of Facebook and your web site, I know I have at least three more!

(Im)patiently waiting December 4th!


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