13 13’s in 2013

It occurred to me as I was writing my 2012 recap that maybe my “projects” aka resolutions were a bit too lofty. Yes – I should be nicer to myself, true to myself and find a life path. Yes – I should and will do those things. However, thinking they will happen in one year is nuts! I’ll probably be working on these projects when I’m 80.

I have decided if I am going to do resolution/goals/projects, they need to be tangible, calculated goals that I can wrap my head around. And that I can boast about throughout the year to my pretty little blog lovers. With this realization, I present to you – 13 13’s in 2013.

  1. Read 13 books for pleasure.
  2. Be 13 pounds lighter by the end of the year (that is a minimum – hopefully more).
  3. Go on 13 dates. Notice I did not say first dates. If my next date is the man of my dreams, he will count for all 13 dates.
  4. Have $2,013 in savings by December 31, 2013.
  5. Give/Send 13 “just because” gifts or cards to my loves for no apparent reason.
  6. Do 13 anonymous random acts of kindness.
  7. Complete a west coast half marathon – running/walking/skipping – whatever. (A half marathon is 13.1 miles.)
  8. Write and post 13 blog entries a month.
  9. Indulge in 13 “technology free” days this year. No TV, internet, phone, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  (Yes, Mom, I’ll warn you in advance.)
  10. I will do 13 different types of exercise – not necessarily new, but at least different to shake things up.
  11. I will bring my lunch 13 times a month. Whoa – This will take some work.
  12. I will cook 13 new to me meals. The kind where I find a recipe on Pinterest, purchase the ingredients and cook. Again – whoa!
  13. Try 13 new things. This should be pretty easy since I live in an entirely new area but we’ll see.

So there you have it – My 13 13’s in 2013. I’m excited to make a spreadsheet to track all of these!

Have you made any resolutions to share with the left bean family?


6 thoughts on “13 13’s in 2013

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