Roll Call……

Hello to those of you that are still out there! Guess what? I’m still here too!
Wanna catch up? Good! Me too.

My Type-A personality is itching for a list, so…….

Top 5 Reasons I’ve Been MIA

5. Dumbass blogger/“radio DJ” in Columbus, Ohio. The title of this ridiculous article is “Top 30 Absolute Worst Favorite Overshares”.  I’m #8. They didn’t get it from Facebook but from my blog. I was an idiot and didn’t remove my last name when I posted on my blog so there my last name is for the world to see. So, here is me and my “overshare” on this list at #8. And I am linking to this Miranda Ashley bullshit list because the other 29 are way worse than mine. If a first blind date and a box of Nice N’Easy is the worst she could find, she sucks at research. Shit, I read worse than that on a daily basis from my friends. Anyway, it spooked me.

4. April 24th. I had a birthday. I turned 35. I’m a single, childless, lonely, 35 year-old woman. I’m past that now (sometimes) but it was a rough birthday. Rough. Did I mention it was rough?

3. Resolutions/Projects/All the shit I said I was going to do that I haven’t even thought about since I wrote them. I take that back, I have thought about them. I’ve thought about them enough to not want to blog about how I’m not doing them. Once I get back in the swing, I’ll post an update. But until then, I’ll leave you wondering how much I such at resolving.

2. My Carrie Bradshaw nook is not as cool as I thought it would be. Let me explain. In my bedroom, I have this nook about 4 feet wide and 18 inches deep. There is a lovely window that looks out into the “wilderness” behind my building. (I’ll post a picture when it’s not dark.) I found this lovely little gem at IKEA and it fits perfectly! I thought for sure my inner Carrie would come rushing out. carrie-bradshawSo I had to wonder….Do I even like writing at a desk? The answer – NO. I like being wrapped up on my couch with some bad television on for back ground noise. And my back is to everything….and I hate that. (I’ve seriously turned around 15 times in the 30 minutes I’ve been at my desk tonight.) And my laptop battery lasts about 7 seconds away from the power cord. (FYI…I never said these were good reason…just a top 5.)

1. An introvert, moving across the country and only knowing two people….is hard. HARD, I say. I am thankful for Facebook and Twitter everyday for a little bit of “friend” interaction. Let me be clear – I love California. I would not change this decision for the world. But…if you know me…I’m not the first girl to sign up for the “Meet Ups” even though I get daily notifications of events. And if you do ask me to do something (and I go), I’m typically pretty quiet. Until you get to know me and my life story and wish we had never become friends. The people at work are lovely. However, the majority of them are engineers – either genius’s with a slightly smaller social gene (maybe I’m a genius!!) or arrogant as hell and I’d rather punch then in the face than hang with them. A few of the work ladies gather every couple of months for a “stitch n’bitch”. To date, there has been no stitching, lots o’bitching and lots o’wine. As I type this, I guess I’m ok in the “people” department….it’s the relationship and, I know, that takes time. And I’m still the quiet introvert in most settings, until about 3 glasses of wine (then I become the drunk oversharer). Do me a solid, my friends….next time you have a new gal or guy at work, in the ‘hood or in your workout class – befriend them. A little kindness goes along way. And if you’re the new kid, be receptive to the befriending….not the shy, introvert with one word answers (and I know I need to work on that!).

Until we meet again….


1 thought on “Roll Call……

  1. 1. That blog is bull shit. It’s not an overshare if it’s a rare thing unlike those who vomit their boring shut daily on us.
    2. I love you
    3. 🙂

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