This Week: The Positive Pammie Plan

As far as weeks go, last week was a rough one.

Heading back to work after a glorious four-day weekend, add a little work strife, a dash of personal drama which all led to a sobbing, emotional breakdown Thursday night – not my finest moment.

This week, I am planning to take a different attitude. Positive, some may call it.

Last week:
“I don’t want to get out of bed.
This week:
“Hey, I woke up this morning. How’s that for a great day!

Last week:
“Nothing fits me. I’m enormous. Why can’t I go to work in my PJs?!
This week:
“I have amazing hair and beautiful eyes! No, I’m not a fit as I once was but I also am refusing to do anything about it. Anyone who thinks I am less because of my belly, doesn’t need to be around me anyway.”

Last week:
“He’s making a HUGE mistake. How can I convince him that he needs to listen to me?
This week:
“He is a grown-ass adult. He can do as be pleases. I can’t protect him forever.”

Last week:
“This job may be the death of me.” (slightly dramatic)
This week:
“This job keeps me in a cute little condo, less than a mile from the bay. This job is teaching me something that I need to learn (albeit, what, I’m not sure). This job is just that – a job. And, by the way, I do a good job at this job. And, and, if I make it to Friday (which is an off Friday), I get to lay by the pool all day because California is beautiful!”

I’ll keep you posted on how this Positive Pammie thing works out.

How do you keep positive during stressful times or every day life?


1 thought on “This Week: The Positive Pammie Plan

  1. I let myself feel the negative stuff but only for a moment. Then I try to find something, anything, that I can be happy about (healthy kids, new purse, no student loan debt…) and cling to that. If that doesn’t work there’s beer or Xanax 🙂

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