Not Too Shabby 2012

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is doing well on this fine January morning!

I know that once the new year hits, you’re not supposed to look back but I haven’t done a 2012 recap yet so I’m doing it now. Based on my “projects” for 2012, I would call 2012 an absolute fail. Let’s briefly recap these so called “projects”:

Project #1 – Be nicer to myself.
Project #2 – Be true to myself and like myself for who I am.
Project #3 – Run like the wind! Or at least a gently breeze. And do lots of other workouts too!
Project #4 – Grow this fancy little blog.
Project #5 – Find a job/gainful employment/go back to school/move out-of-state/decide not to move out-of-state/stop living in the land of limbo.

I did provide a mid-year recap which was less than stellar. And not much as changed since then…expect Project #5.

Project #1 and #2 will always be a work in progress. I am a perfectionist and a people-pleaser. These two things do not go together well because you will never please every person all the time. This is hard for me to swallow because I want to make everyone happy and rather than work on this, I’ve kind of just fell into a whole of not making anyone happy including myself which is just not nice.

Project #3, well, honestly, I stopped running after the Geist 5K. Why? I have no idea. That’s a lie – I do know. See Project #1 and #2. I wanted running to come naturally to me. I read all of these blogs from these amazing ladies who run like the wind, and I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to be one of them – immediately. I wanted to see improvement with every run. I wanted to drop lbs like it was my job. I wanted to be able to annihilate a basket of bread with a side of pasta and not gain an ounce and be fueled for my next run.

Project #4 – I feel I have grown this little blog. I have new people following me with every post. I’m sure if I just tweeted when I write new posts, I could do so much more. Yet again, see Project #1 and #2 – I don’t feel lefty is promotion worthy yet.

Project #5 – NAILED IT! For the first time in a few years, I had a job almost every day of 2012! And in my wildest dreams, I never thought that would excite me so much – I always assumed that would be a given. And, I finally made the move I’ve been dreaming about since I was 20. And I am loving every minute being a California girl!

But in reality – 2012 really wasn’t that bad. I may have failed at a few goals but I did so much more instead!

  • I celebrated with my friends more – birthdays, promotions, weddings, graduations – I was there.
  • I was a coach for Girls on the Run. And I was a damn good one.
  • I was an asset to the association I worked for – without question. I planned events, ran the office, fixed the accounting and generally made people want to be involved again. I did great work!
  • I walk/ran a half marathon. The largest half in the United States. Not stellar but I did it.
  • I spent more time with my favorite monkeys (nieces and nephew).
  • I had one date.
  • I found a new love. (And it’s not the training schedule)
  • I moved to California. (!!!!!!!)

All said, 2012 was a year that had to happen in order to lay the ground work for 2013 and years to come. And as I sit here on January 1st thinking about 2012, I smile knowing of all the great things to come!

Happy New Year!


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