2012 Project List – Update

Seriously, where has 2012 gone?! We’re half way through and rather than putting my new years project list in a drawer and forgetting about it. I want to revisit it. Update it. So, let’s do that, shall we?

Project #1 – Be nicer to myself.

I’m going to say this is a work-in-process. Setting more realistic expectations for myself – this may never happen. I want to achieve great things. I just need to continue to work on letting myself be ok if I don’t meet those expectations. Maybe I should start a 3-tiered expectation system (normal, above-average and Pam-land)?

Project #2 – Be true to myself.

Again, work-in-process. I am lacking in the conscious effort to see friends/family sub-project.

Project #3 – Run like the wind.

I’ve got nothing except a huge fail here!

  • Run a race each month – March, April, May (2)
  • Log 500 miles – I’m currently at 95.69.
  • Attend 100 fitness classes – Maybe 10, maybe.
  • Purchase running shoes – CHECK!
  • Finish the Indy Mini Marathon between 2:23 – 2:40. FAIL – Add 60 minutes to that and we’re in the ballpark.
  • Goal pace 12:00 – Fail. I’m hoovering around 13:00-14:00 average.

Project #4 – Grow my fancy little blog.

  • Blog 2-4 times a week. Mostly fail. 2-4 times a week would be approximately 8-16 posts. I hit this mark in January, April and June.
  • Blog theme – still a mystery.
  • Comment on 5 other blogs a week – FAIL.
  • Get noticed – Partial fail. I did post my birthday blog post to Facebook and got a ton of traffic. I actually get a ton more traffic. Still few comments or interaction, but more traffic. And honestly, I’m not sure I’m ready to post each post to FB and Twitter. Maybe someday.

Project #5 – Find a clear direction

  • I am gainfully employed. YAY!
  • I still have no direction. FAIL! Going back to school and moving out of state enter my mind every. single. day.

So, there it is. I believe I have a ton of work to do in these next 6 months! How are your projects/resolutions/goals for 2012 coming along?


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