My Year in Review

2011 was definitely a year of highs and lows.


  • Work was busy, busy, busy.
  • I had decided to end an abusive relationship in late 2010. However, he promised to get help so I hung on. But in January, it was really over and I was devastated. Because work was so busy, I decided not to process anything.


  • Icepocalypse 2011 – Trapped in my lonely apartment for 3 days, now plenty of time to process the death of my relationship. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. Probably the lowest I have ever been in my entire life.
  • Trip to San Francisco to see my wonderful friends Amber and Greg. Monterrey Bay, Chinese New Year Parade, Napa – Just want  I needed!

Seriously, it looks like I belong in Napa - right?


  • Moved in with a roommate – not best friends but I’m rarely alone. Plus a huge cost savings!
  • A wonderful weekend adventure with Renee to Camp Chesterfield with 3 psychic readings!
  • My very good friend Nicole’s bachelorette party.

April – Birthday Month (Yes, I get an entire month!)

  • My University of Kentucky Wildcats made it to the final four! We’ll be in the final game this year (fingers crossed).
  • Trip to Florida with my BFF Crystal including a visit with Toni, Alex, Emma and Annie!
Toni – One of my favorite people on the planet.
  • MY BIRTHDAY – Also known as my favorite holiday!
  • Nicole and Eric’s wedding.


  • A few dates, nothing promising, but at least I was dating again!
  • Remember how work was so busy, well it wasn’t in May – I was laid off.
  • I decided to become a gypsy – you have something you need done, I’ll do it! Babysitting, moving, packing, unpacking, QuickBooks setup, tradeshows, sales….you get the idea.
  • Fell in love with running!!


  • Fell in love with hot yoga!
  • Lots of laying by the pool.


  • Motley Crue/Poison Concert – Never in a million years did I ever see myself attending this concert. Not my scene, but fun!
  • Discovery of lefty.
  • More laying by the pool.


  • Girls trip to Nashville with my 4 best friends from high school!

    In the hotel lobby before the fun. You're welcome girls!

  • My very first attempt at a 5K run. (Not very successful.)
  • Decided I was going to run/walk a half marathon.
  • Jimmy Buffett Concert

Wasting away again in Margariettaville!


  • Blues at the Crossroads Half Marathon – Terre Haute, Indiana

I wanted to finish within the 4 hour time limit. And finish I did. I was slow but so proud!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen – Mr. Elton John! This is the 5th time I’ve seen Sir Elton in concert! However, this time I was literally 5 feet from the man! And I took my mom, aunt and BF, Nicole. So flippin’ awesome!

This picture was taken from my craptacular phone with no zoom. We were that close!

  • My baby brother turned 30!!!


  • Completely taken advantage of my one of my gypsy clients. I did nothing but work for this woman for peanut during the month of October. Lessons learned – boundaries, learning to say no, self-respect!
  • Freak out – my gypsy client was my main source of income. When we parted ways, I lost my income.


  • Miss Pam needs a job STAT! Let the job search begin….
  • Another race, Goose Poop Challenge with Heather McMahon.

And we're running!

  • Matt and Chris’s Wedding!
  • The worst interview in the history of the world! (I may have to post on this later.)
  • Wishbone 5K run Thanksgiving morning.


  • Still job searching…..
  • Surviving the holiday season.
  • Planning for a A-MAZ-ING 2012! (Resolutions to come!)

How would you classify 2011? Good? Bad? Challenging? Best Year Ever?