Bat-Shit Crazy Robin

I woke up Monday morning with plenty of time to make the 8:30 Step Plus Abs class at the gym. Instead, I decided to finish up a freelance project I had to have done by the afternoon. This actually was a good decision because it took longer than I had expected. I would have been pushing the deadline if I had worked out in the morning.

Instead, I went to Step Circuit at 5:45. Step Circuit is step combinations plus weight training. The instructor, Robin, said she wanted to do things differently this class: 30-40 minutes of step then 10-15 minutes of weights. Typically, there is a step combination, then weights, alternating the entire class.

Couple things to remember here – 1) I haven’t done step in MANY years. 2) The class is packed. 3) I’m dead in the middle of the room. 4) I’m the only newbie!

After the warmup and the first combination, I began to refer to Robin as Bat-Shit Crazy Robin (only in my mind, of course). I think this chick was making it up as she went along. I was good with the basics, wide steps, up-and-overs (with and without squats), repeaters. I even remembered the “I Step”. But then she added this Merry-Go-Round thing with a travel move – I was always the one facing the wrong direction, traveling the wrong way, starting with my left instead of my right. I seriously felt like I was just walking in circles for about 10 minutes; however, I did get a good belly laugh out of it!

I didn’t run after class because I was so worn out – more mentally than physically.

Tuesday I had planned to do a back-to-back consisting of Body Works and Kickboxing – two favorites of mine. Body Works is a low-weight dumbbell, high repetition workout. And wouldn’t you know, I get in there, all set up, ready to rock and I notice who our instructor is – Bat-Shit Crazy Robin. I was good with the warm up because it was practically identical to the Step class warm up. And surprisingly, Bat-Shit Crazy Robin wasn’t quite so Bat-Shit Crazy. It was actually a pretty awesome workout. Nothing too crazy, no Merry-Go-Rounds, just lots and lots and LOTS of reps which was awesome!

However, I was spent afterwards so I skipped Kickboxing. I’m such a slacker!

I may take tonight off or I’ll go see Bat-Shit Crazy Robin at 5:45 for another round of Step. That’s still TBD…