Wine and Psychic Reading

Last night, a very wonderful friend, Nicole, threw a psychic reading party. Nicole invited Nona, a psychic she met through another friend, to her home and we each got a 20ish minute meeting. It was such a fun night! Lots of wine, snacky food and a good debrief after each reading. Here’s mine:

In a previous life, my “job” was to cleanse the feet of the people entering the home. If I didn’t do it well, I could be killed. I hated this job which is why I dislike other peoples feet in this life. And why I am obsessed with my own feet (pedicures are my best friend).

I’m 33 this year which is a master number. 33 includes 3 (obviously) for a fun, creative and communicative period in my life.

She sees me working with children, maybe a daycare. Which is interesting because I’m currently unemployed and considered getting a teacher certification. And as it related to my employment, she sees a choice between 5 positions at the beginning of 2012.

She asked if I recently had a “relationship speed bump” recently. (It was actually more of a speed mountain but I didn’t tell her that). She said that I needed to let him go. And when I said I had, she told me the spirits know and are telling me to REALLY move on. She said that in every other aspect of my life, I take charge and speak up but with relationships I always take the back seat and put his needs ahead of my own. (Very true.)

I’m also destined to make lots of money and will use it make a difference. 

I’m going to meet a very handsome, smart, possibly Jewish man from the East Coast.

I will have 3 children.

However, none to these things will happen until I’m easier on myself. Give myself a break. Realize I am who I am  and become ok with that. Realize that I am worthy of happiness and open to all the gifts the universe wants to give me.

Those are the high points! I should have asked if I was going to be able to shave an hour off of my first half marathon time, darn!

Have you ever had a psychic reading? Anything fun or creepy to share?



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