Randomness – Sickly, Bras and Mahjong

As typical with me, as soon as I gain motivation, something comes up! What was it John Lennon said “life is what happens while you’re making other plans”? I know how true that is all too well!

To workout or not to workout

I promise I’m not a hypochondriac! I haven’t felt 100% in a few days, so I haven’t worked out. Is this bad? Is this good? I really don’t know. Emotionally, I know I need to workout because I’m beginning to get annoyed rather easily. Physically, I know I need a good workout because I’m starting to feel the itch. Mentally, I’m stuck. What if I work out and feel worse? What if I can’t get through a good run and then lose motivation? I swear, I can “what if” better than anyone I know! Bottom line – I haven’t worked out since the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s been a week. I just need to suck it up and go, right? (Thanks for letting me work through that!)

Over the shoulder boulder holder

Today, my Mom and I went to get a custom bra fitting. It was probably one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in a long time! If you’re in the Indianapolis area, check out Barbara’s New Beginning. Awesome staff, very knowledgeable. Very sassy bras – even for those of us with larger than normal “girls”. My girls have two new outfits thanks to my Mom (a.k.a. Santa). I’ve definitely been wearing the wrong size! And now, I will tell you – my girls are happy!

Ladies that Lunch

One final thought – Today I watched as a group of older women lunched together, chatting and laughing like no one else was in the room (it was a cafeteria style restaurant). Then they got up, went to two new 4-top tables, covered them with a plastic table cloth and brought out the Mahjong games! These ladies were HARD CORE!

Not my ladies - well, because they're mostly men, and asian, and just not my ladies.

This is not a picture of my ladies that lunch (as 3 or the 4 are men) but it gives you a bit of an idea if you’ve never seen the game before.

Do you workout when you’re sick? Have you ever had a true bra fitting? Have you ever played Mahjong with a group of ladies at lunch? Do you have scheduled ladies that lunch dates?


1 thought on “Randomness – Sickly, Bras and Mahjong

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