Lifetime and Accountability

So, I’m happy to report:

  • Henry Krinkle and Rebecca reconciled their differences and are still engage. And their families eventually got along despite their difference.
  • Emily finally made it home to her Christmas wedding to Ben!
  • Tom, though tragically killed in a car accident, went into the light after making sure that Susan and Jonathon (his wife and son) were going to live happily ever after.

It’s been a Lifetime movie marathon day! I was going to turn it off and get some things done after Ben and Emily got married. However, I was sucked into Susan’s story immediately and didn’t want to miss out.

Hey – I’m unemployed – I can’t shop, can’t go out to eat, can’t sit at a bar all day watching football and drinking beers – Don’t judge! Plus it’s raining and icky outside. (Have you noticed I’m the queen of excuses?!?!)

I did, however, make my workout schedule for the week:

  • Monday – Step plus Abs, run/walk 2 miles
  • Tuesday – Back-to-back – Body Works then Kickboxing
  • Wednesday – Back to back – Step plus Abs then Body Works
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Run/walk 2-3 miles
  • Saturday/Sunday – at least one Spin class. We’ll see how I feel.

I’ve put it out there so now I have to do it, right!?

Do you plan your workouts for the week? Are you a sucker for a Lifetime movie, like me?