Interesting Discoveries

Hello from beautiful Richmond, California! I’m a currently at a local Extended Stay for about a week then I get my condo!! Except for the fact that I have nothing to go in a two bedroom, two bathroom condo – I’m super excited!

However, I have noticed a few things in my 72 hours as a Californian. And I’m going to make a list because it’s more fun!

1. The temperature has been 50 degrees for a low and 65 for a high since I arrived. There are many people who are in winter coats, scarves, hats, etc. I, however, am in short-sleeved shirts. I even had my pigs out on Sunday while running errands. This may take some getting used to. Apparently 65 is cold.

2. I’m getting ready to experience my first California weather event – “atmospheric river”. What the what? Apparently there will be a ton of rain. I had to purchase an umbrella this evening.

3. Jet lag sucks! Seriously sucks! Sunday I felt OK because I could lounge around, nap, wander the mall, shop, nap – whatever I wanted. Monday, first day at work, first day to work a 10 hour day in months, I thought I needed toothpicks to keep my eyes open. My poor body was begging for PJs and bedtime and I was still working! Totally crazy! Today was definitely better. I might stay awake until 9.

4. People think I am absolutely nuts for moving here by myself. Every place I go where I am forced to explain that I’m from Indiana, moved here for work, blah, blah, blah…….I get a shocked face, followed by a “WOW”! Maybe there is something wrong with me because I don’t feel like this is a huge deal. It’s a big deal, but not shocked face/WOW worthy.

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures of my new pad this weekend!



Never Waiting for Anything Again…..

Have I ever mentioned that I am the most impatient person ever? Probably.

So, while I was waiting, I got antsy. I started looking for other positions in the bay area. I kept growing more increasing frustrated. I kept growing more increasingly impatient.

On October 22, I sent Amber an email basically asking if I could crash at her house for a while because I was moving out there in December – with or without a job. I was ready. I was confident that this was where I wanted to live for the immediate future. I needed a change and a challenge. I had no idea how it was going to actually happen, but I was going.

Late that night I receive a reply:
“Hold that thought, chickadee!  I should have some good news for you this week! :)”

After 8 weeks of impatiently waiting, I wasn’t holding my breath.

Then one week ago today, on Tuesday, October 23, I get a text from Amber, “Got a minute to chat?”. And of course, I did.

And then it happened – I received a verbal offer for employment – IN SAN FRANCISCO! Well, actually Richmond, CA but it’s seriously 20 minutes from San Francisco.

Let the adventure begin!

Spilling the Beans – Part 3

When I left you last, Mom and I had made it to the hotel in Emeryville and fell asleep quickly!

Sunday was a day of fun! I’ve posted about most of it here. After a day of sightseeing, it was a quick pizza and to bed. I had a big day on Monday. A day full of interviews that I was totally prepared to rock!

I met with four different people on this day: HR, Acting General Manager, Acting Business Manager (this is the position I was interviewing for) and the friend Amber (who would be my boss, again, and brought this little adventure to my attention.)

Having HR experience myself, this was definitely an interesting way of interviewing – very time conscious, not conversational but strictly question and answer. I’m not sure why it felt different, it just did.

The Acting GM was short and sweet. As I learned later, he’s just trying to keep his head above water until an actual GM is hired.

The Acting Business Manager was actually a temporary transplant from the Wilmington, MA office who was tasked with introducing the Business Manager position to this branch. His 90 day stay turned into 4+ months and you could tell he was homesick. I was able to ask position specific questions and he gave pretty honest answers. I felt pretty confident that I could be successful.

I had lunch with Amber. We dished about my interviews, my thoughts, and she gave me insight into my first opinion. Have I mentioned that I am totally awesome at reading people? I love it! I’m typically pretty spot on.

After lunch, I was scheduled to have a conference call with another gentleman out of the Wilmington office. However, that didn’t happen due to some scheduling conflicts, so I was excused.

Exhausted, I headed back to the hotel to see what the Moms had been up to while I was being grilled. Really, it wasn’t that bad but I really do hate interviewing.

Because it was 2 p.m. and we were in California, we headed up to spend an afternoon driving through Napa. Have I mentioned my love of Napa? We didn’t do any tastings but we drove all the way north to Helena stopping whenever we wanted along the way. It was a very lovely afternoon.

While we were cruising through Napa, Amber asked if Mom and I would join her and Greg for dinner. We wrapped up our day in Napa and headed to Hercules for dinner. Again, we dished about the day and what I thought about the company, people, etc. We had a couple beverages, some sliders and just enjoyed a lovely evening by the bay.

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed back to Indiana.

And the waiting begins……

Absolutely No Excuse

Oh little blog, I’ve abandoned you. Not intentionally. I think of you all the time. If only I could force myself to sit down and pen an incredible blog entry that will make you happy.

Unfortunately, the only reason I’m writing today is because I am avoiding my taxes like the plague. I’ve balanced my bank account, downloaded all the pictures from my phone and updated my iPod. Now, I’m blogging.

I’d love to tell you that Insanity is going GREAT, training is right on track and I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight. Alas, none of those are true. Insanity is hard. And my motivation is soft. Training is hard. And my motivation is soft. Cookies are good. And my will power is soft.

I’m a bit discouraged at the moment. The job is great, but again, I don’t want to be working. My weight is at the highest point ever. I will be walking about half marathon in May when I was hoping to be running the entire thing. I’m moving home at the end of April. All of these points will be detailed further in future posts.

There are still lots of things that make me happy!

Like the Shamrock 4-miler on St. Patty’s Day!

Friends who like to wake up at the crack of dawn and do the Shamrock 4-miler with me. Some even travel from Alabama to play with me. (Or were already coming anyway and made time for me!)

Being Coach Pam and working with my amazing Girls on the Run team!

Handsome men in my life!

And last but not least, my beloved Kentucky Wildcats are headed back to the Final Four! C-A-T-S CATS! CATS! CATS!

Now back to the taxes. 😦

Hello Little Blog

Hello little blog,

It’s been a long time! I’m so sorry to have neglected you for all of February.This is the first night I’ve had time to really sit down and focus on you!

Let me fill you in:

  1. New job is A-OK! Worked a little later tonight so I could finish closing the 2011 books. It’s taken me almost 2 weeks! I had to start thinking like the crazy lady who was doing them before me to figure out the method to her madness. But they are done and are going to the accountant on Tuesday. So happy!
  2. Coach Pam has been busy getting things ready for Girls on the Run. I’ve completed my bio, a multitude of forms, training and visited my site. Because it is at a catholic school, I had to take an additional Child Protection Protocols training. Basically, it was a CYA for the church and the Diocese. But good information. It could have been presented in about 45 minutes rather than 2 hours and I most definitely could have done without the video….but I survived. Saturday morning I am skipping the mini marathon training run to get CPR certified – a head coach requirement. Our first official practice is February 21st.
  3. Speaking of mini marathon, Monday it is officially 12 weeks away. My out-of-state training buddy prepared a training schedule for me! I love those kids from Alabama – wish they were closer. Anyway, I’ve been trying to run a few times a week. But starting Monday – I will follow the training schedule. I will tweak it a bit because……
  4. I started INSANITY!! Yes – Insanity, from Beach Body and smoking hot Shaun T – seriously have you seen that dude? H-O-T! And by starting Insanity, I mean I took my before photo and did the Fit Test. I also watched the first workout. Holy smokes! If I don’t drop some lbs doing this, they just aren’t going anywhere. I also have a little goal for you dear blog – once I complete Insanity, I’m going to post my before and after pictures. It will be embarrassing but people are going to see them when I’m on the next infomercial. I’m also going to try and post more about my training so you’re not neglected anymore.

Training, Insanity, GOTR, work, sleep – that’s about it. If it makes you feel any better, I’m way behind on reading blogs too! I’ve even been less active on Twitter and Facebook. See, you’re not the only one being ignored!

I’ll be back this weekend to post a few of the many draft posts I’ve started but never finished.

Thanks for not forgetting about me!

Love, Pam


One Busy Girl

I was doing so well blogging at least three times a week. And last week I failed. But I have a good excuse – I’ve been one busy girl.

1. I am dog/house sitting for two weeks. I wish I was invited to go to Maui with the homeowners, but no – just taking dogs out in the cold, snow, rain, or whatever other weather we have had this crazy winter. It’s beautiful home and the pups are wonderful (and I’m being paid) so there are no complaints from this girl!

2. I am babysitting (or after school care for my older kids). I pick them up from school or meet the bus everyday this week around 3. Then it’s snacks, homework, games, reading, cartoons and anything else I can do to keep them busy. I typically leave around 6. Super cute kids – I am lucky to get to spend some time with them.

3. I have a new job! I will make of a BIG DEAL out of this in a post later this week. I’m only work 8-12 this week and will be full time next week. YAY! I’m really, REALLY happy.

So my schedule looks like this:

  • 6 a.m. – Pups wake me up.
  • 6-6:30 a.m. – Pups potty and eat breakfast.
  • 6:30-7:15 a.m. – I get ready for work.
  • 7:15 – 7:30 a.m. – Try to get the pups to potty.
  • 7:30-8:00 a.m. – Travel to work (with a stop for a McDonald’s Diet Coke).
  • 8-12:00 p.m. – New gig.
  • 12-12:30 – Travel back to let the dogs out.
  • 12:30-1:15 p.m. – Travel to my apartment to feed the cats and scoop the poop. Usually with a quick stop for food.
  • 1:15 – 2:45 p.m. – Hang with the kittens and/or run errands. Yesterday, I ran errands. Today, I might have power napped.
  • 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. – After school care – Meet Kade off the bus, do homework, take Kade to practice, pick up Kooper at school, pick up Kade after practice, meet mom at home.
  • 6:00 p.m. – Come back to the house to feed and potty the dogs, check in on twitter and facebook, blog, eat dinner, etc. I was in bed by 8:30 last night. Tonight will be after Biggest Loser.

One busy girl! And did I mention I was supposed to start my mini training schedule this week?! My plan is to run tomorrow!

So, how is your week? Busy? Anything fun happening?