Blocked, Bored and Broke

Happy Tuesday friends. Why is it that the first day back to a normal schedule after a long weekend is excruciating? Super excited about a four day week, though.

So which topic shall I tackle first…..block, boredom or broke. Hmmmm……Let’s start with……

Writer’s Block……
It sucks. I need to write a quick “My Coaching Experience” note for Girls on the Run. Seriously, like maybe 200 words. I’m pretty sure I tweeted, facebooked and blogged twice that many about GOTR. What the heck is my problem now? I also have about 4-5 blog posts in my head that I’m struggling to get through my fingers. And I need to compose a few articles for the magazine at work. But nope, got nothing, nada, blah!

Wanna know my problem that I just figured out while typing this blog?

I’m freaking BORED! Remember the last three months of posts where I’ve been so busy I can’t see straight? Yep. That’s gone.
No more coaching. No more half marathon. No more moving. No more packing and unpacking. (Work is super busy but I decided with this new job I would not take things home.) Upon arriving home at 5:05 this evening, I have done all my laundry, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the litter boxes, vacuumed the entire house, and cleaned my bathroom. I’ve even had time to watch an Oprah interview with Carrie Underwood, eat dinner and work on this post.

All of this free time to clean and learn about how blissfully happy Carrie is has created this bad place in Pamland where I have entirely too much time to think and over analyze and then think more about all those things I’ve over analyzed. It’s a super fun place to be. I’m thinking so much that I’m not doing anything that I should be doing (see writer’s block above).

There is one thing I’ve been doing each night for about a week now – trying to figure out my BROKE ass budget. Or lack thereof. I know some of you may of had that thought during the bored portion of this post – “go do something” or “call a friend, grab a drink”. That’s super and all, but when I have exactly $52.79 to last me until June 5th, I can’t really DO much of anything. I skipped a dear friends house warming party this weekend because I’m so scared of running out of money and/or gas. Pathetic. And to be totally honest, dear blog, I’m already playing the float game. I have a automatic payment that should come out on the 3rd but since it’s a weekend, I’m hoping praying it won’t hit until the 5th. So, technically I’m negative $113.83.

So, back to my budget woes, I’ve added everything up, put in all my expenses, estimated for groceries, gas and even put a bit in savings and I should have a sizable amount of “life” money after each check. But no. Before my last paycheck, I had $.17 in the bank. That’s no lie, no drama. I seriously do not get it.  I’m not frivolous. My major expenses are student loans, car and health insurance. I like my McDonald’s Diet Coke ($1.09). I bring my lunch at least 2-3 times a week. I download the free crappy books to my Kindle (that was a gift for Christmas two years ago). I thought by now, things would be better. I live with my mother for crying out loud!

Maybe…I’ll take the month of June and track every penny in and out. (See over analyzing above.)

Maybe…I’ll focus on my next race and run like the wind. Maybe I’ll work on these extra 40 pounds.

Maybe…that will be my blog for the month of June – a daily journal of my spending, eating and exercise. (Seriously considering this one!)

Maybe…I’ll just go to bed. Oh, wait, my sheets are still in the dryer.

Was your first day back after Memorial day excruciating? Are you bored? Blocked (writing only, no TMI)? Or broke? Any tips, tricks, money tree seeds? Will you hate me if I blog everyday in June about money, food and sweat?



Things they are a’changing in Pamland! And for the better!

While I’m doing things like packing, selling furniture, training for a half marathon, coaching Girls on the Run, oh and working, I decided to add one more thing to the list – Advocare. More specifically, the Advocare 24-day challenge.

This challenge consists of a 10-day cleanse and then 14 days of fueling my body properly for energy and weight management. For those of you who know me well, you know that food is my friend – especially crappy food and chocolate and cheese and wine and…you get the idea. And I don’t like fruits and vegetables. So doing a cleanse that required me to eat mainly fruits and vegetables for 10 days is kind of comical.

My cousin Keri and Aunt Cheri started using the product and I was a SKEPTIC. I had no interest in this program. I questioned my Aunt one night and knew that it wasn’t for me.

About 3 months later, my friend Niki comes in from Alabama and tells me all about the O2Gold product from Advocare. I was shocked. Then I learned that she uses the products which helped her meet her weight loss goals. And she. looks. AMAZING.

So, now I’m thinking more about it and doing my research. Then I sit down with my hair stylist, Joni, who tells me that she’s doing it and has been for years! She also enjoys wine, chocolate, cheese (all things that are cut out). I asked her the fun questions – will I be hungry? how much time will I spend in the bathroom? Joni doesn’t steer me wrong with my hair, so I trust her completely!

Stars aligned? Maybe….Then comes the visit to the doctor. I weighed in at a whopping 195.7 pounds. I had gained 15 pounds since January. My cholesterol was still high which we’ve discussed previously. I’m trying to run and I’m just not moving well or fast. Discouraged is an understatement.

Done deal! I sent Keri and email that night and said I want in. And, of course, I became a distributor to earn discounts.

Here’s my thing – I love to sweat! I love to workout! However, when I don’t have any energy or don’t see any results/progress, I get discouraged. Add to that discouragement an emotional eating habit and it’s just a downward spiral. I’m not looking for a quick fix. I’m looking for a jump start. Maybe something to keep me motivated for more than 5 seconds.

I’ve decided to document the entire 24-day challenge. I’m going to blog about products I’m taking, food I’m eating, how I’m feeling and I’m going to be honest! (FYI – prepare for TMI!) I also plan on posting my weight and measurements at day 10 and day 24. Day 1 is April 12th so I’ll post the details April 13th so I can get a full day. I will try to post daily; however, if it’s the same, I may put a couple together. I should finish up on the day of the half marathon, and I will carb load the night before. And I will have a cupcake on my birthday!

So let the journey begin….

Motivation….Is That You?

Don’t freak out – it’s really me, blogging, again, in one week. Crazy, right.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my last blog post and boy was I having a moment. I wasn’t just having a moment, I was feeling DAMN sorry for myself. I woke up super early on Monday morning with my mind just turning. Basically, I have two options:

A. I can choose to accept my current circumstances and pout.
B. I can choose to accept my current circumstances and make some changes.

I chose B.

Source: via Pam on Pinterest

Then I found this!

Taking one thing at a time….

1. I’m blogging again. I realized I could bust out a post in 30 minutes. I search the internet for 30 minutes a day. Write a blog post. Done.

2. I’ve sign up for this half marathon in May, might as well try my best. So, on Monday I walked/jogged 5 miles. And today, I logged a 5K. That’s 8 miles in two days! YAY me! My plan is to do another 3 miler Wednesday or Thursday with the other day being a rest day. Then Friday bust out a long walk/jog (7-8 miles). I’ve been jogging .25 miles and walking .75. Puts me around a 14 minute mile. I’m not out to break any records here, just want to finish.

3. I’ve decided to do the Advocare 24 day challenge.  I’m not sure when I’ll start because I need to work it into the budget but I’d like to finish the 24 days prior to the half. It’s a kick start.

I feel better. I feel like things are ok. Damn you endorphins!

Still haven’t finished my taxes. Must finish those this week! I can’t believe I’ve waited this long!

Have you tried any Advocare products? Or the 24 day challenge? Any advise? Finished your taxes yet?


Hello Little Blog

Hello little blog,

It’s been a long time! I’m so sorry to have neglected you for all of February.This is the first night I’ve had time to really sit down and focus on you!

Let me fill you in:

  1. New job is A-OK! Worked a little later tonight so I could finish closing the 2011 books. It’s taken me almost 2 weeks! I had to start thinking like the crazy lady who was doing them before me to figure out the method to her madness. But they are done and are going to the accountant on Tuesday. So happy!
  2. Coach Pam has been busy getting things ready for Girls on the Run. I’ve completed my bio, a multitude of forms, training and visited my site. Because it is at a catholic school, I had to take an additional Child Protection Protocols training. Basically, it was a CYA for the church and the Diocese. But good information. It could have been presented in about 45 minutes rather than 2 hours and I most definitely could have done without the video….but I survived. Saturday morning I am skipping the mini marathon training run to get CPR certified – a head coach requirement. Our first official practice is February 21st.
  3. Speaking of mini marathon, Monday it is officially 12 weeks away. My out-of-state training buddy prepared a training schedule for me! I love those kids from Alabama – wish they were closer. Anyway, I’ve been trying to run a few times a week. But starting Monday – I will follow the training schedule. I will tweak it a bit because……
  4. I started INSANITY!! Yes – Insanity, from Beach Body and smoking hot Shaun T – seriously have you seen that dude? H-O-T! And by starting Insanity, I mean I took my before photo and did the Fit Test. I also watched the first workout. Holy smokes! If I don’t drop some lbs doing this, they just aren’t going anywhere. I also have a little goal for you dear blog – once I complete Insanity, I’m going to post my before and after pictures. It will be embarrassing but people are going to see them when I’m on the next infomercial. I’m also going to try and post more about my training so you’re not neglected anymore.

Training, Insanity, GOTR, work, sleep – that’s about it. If it makes you feel any better, I’m way behind on reading blogs too! I’ve even been less active on Twitter and Facebook. See, you’re not the only one being ignored!

I’ll be back this weekend to post a few of the many draft posts I’ve started but never finished.

Thanks for not forgetting about me!

Love, Pam


My First Post

It’s the last day of the long Thanksgiving weekend and I’ve finally decided to post my first blog. I’ve had the blog setup for quite a while now but haven’t felt compelled to pen my first entry.

So what will this blog be? I’m sure some ranting and raving about the topic of the day. But most of all, this blog is going to be my commitment and accountability to getting healthy. I’m no expert. I’m not going to post my “stats” yet because it’s pretty embarrassing. But a couple goals (which I will expand upon over the life of the blog):

  1. Lose 3o-50 pounds (healthy).
  2. Run an entire half marathon in May 2012. Goal time 2:15-2:30.

Hopefully you’ll join me on my journey. I’d love feedback!!