Never Waiting for Anything Again…..

Have I ever mentioned that I am the most impatient person ever? Probably.

So, while I was waiting, I got antsy. I started looking for other positions in the bay area. I kept growing more increasing frustrated. I kept growing more increasingly impatient.

On October 22, I sent Amber an email basically asking if I could crash at her house for a while because I was moving out there in December – with or without a job. I was ready. I was confident that this was where I wanted to live for the immediate future. I needed a change and a challenge. I had no idea how it was going to actually happen, but I was going.

Late that night I receive a reply:
“Hold that thought, chickadee!  I should have some good news for you this week! :)”

After 8 weeks of impatiently waiting, I wasn’t holding my breath.

Then one week ago today, on Tuesday, October 23, I get a text from Amber, “Got a minute to chat?”. And of course, I did.

And then it happened – I received a verbal offer for employment – IN SAN FRANCISCO! Well, actually Richmond, CA but it’s seriously 20 minutes from San Francisco.

Let the adventure begin!


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