Spilling the Beans – Part 4

I promise this is the end of the saga…..

Amber and Greg were headed to Paris for two weeks. And something in my gut told me I wouldn’t hear anything until her return. And I was right.

And I waited.

Then I waited some more.

The last week in September, I finally got some news. They needed me to return to San Francisco to meet with the Amber’s boss and another gentleman, both out of Wilmington. So the first week of October, I flew out again.

This trip was a whirlwind! I worked all day on Wednesday, caught a 6 p.m. flight to Oakland, started interviews at 9 a.m. on Thursday and returned to Indy on Friday morning.

It was very similar to the last day of interviews. Now, there was a slight difference as they had been a reorganization. Not a huge shake up but enough that I’m glad it was explained to me in person.

Again, ended my day with dinner with Amber and Greg. Groundhog’s Day anyone?

And now, I wait.


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