Biggest Loser – Season 13 – Week 2

I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a weekly recap but there are entirely too many of those on the interwebs. That being said, I do have a few opinions to express regarding this weeks episode (Aired Tuesday January 10, 2012) . And since this is my blog, I reserve the right to voice my opinion.


Really Biggest Loser? Really? Obviously the contestants have indulgence issues, let’s not add gambling to the list. Cool idea – yes, but not really. And really red team? 94 pounds? Week 2? You might want to Hulu a previous season of the show.


In my humble opinion, when you walk through that gate, you should be tobacco and alcohol free. Sure, smokers should use the patch or some sort of aid to quit. Watching Mike with chewing tobacco really made me wonder what else the contestants get away with. If I go to the ranch with a chocolate addiction, do I get to eat chocolate until I decide to quit? No. I will learn ways to crave less chocolate or eating minimal chocolate to be healthy.

Bob v. Dolvett

Make weight loss, not war!

Oy vey, Biggest Loser, I hope that you are just editing to create drama because if Bob Harper actually is so arrogant to believe that these are “his” workouts, I may stop watching. Oh, and hey Bob, obviously your training style works and that’s the idea right, to lose weight? And isn’t imitation the biggest form of flattery?

Bob and Jillian worked because they had the same training style, she just cussed more, which was entertaining. (Man, I miss her!) The trainers should be a united front to help the contestants lose weight. If y’all don’t like each other personally or professionally, that’s cool. We all work with people we don’t necessarily like but we don’t show it, we act like professionals.

The message that Bob sent this week was if you lose a weigh-in you should pout about it and be a complete ass. What happened to being happy with a negative number in dreaded week 2? If this attitude continues, I will rename the show “Sore Loser”. Get your head out your ass Bob. K – Thanks!

Bottom Line

For this Biggest Loser fan, it’s not going to be a pretty season. I haven’t found a contestant I love yet. I hate that one team wasn’t allowed onto the ranch. Bob is being a butt-head. Everything feels (or is edited) very negative and that is not conducive to weight loss.

Enough of my rant! Happy Friday the 13th!


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