New Year, New Do

Things have been a bit crazy since my letter to the Universe last week. And yes, the Universe is still messing with me on a consistent basis. But I don’t want to write about all that just yet!

I’ve been putting off getting a hair cut because my fundage has been quite low. I was due in December but decided to wait until yesterday. I’m religious about getting at least a trim every 6-8 weeks so waiting until 10 weeks was torture! I had also been toying with the idea of chopping it all off.

See, even in December I was dreaming of the great chop!

(Note to self: Must learn to make these images more clear in the near future.)

So last night was the great chop. And as you can see, I got lots of great advice.

I did not go with the buzz cut!

(Note to self: Seriously, figure it out!)

As you might be able to read in my blurry image above, my only requirement was a pony tail. And Miss Joni did not fail me. I have never felt so comfortable with a stylist. I just come in, sit down, give her minimal direction and get great hair every time! I wanted to get a picture of the massive amount of hair on the floor but she was afraid I might freak out a bit so it was swept up before I could snap one. It was a good 4-5 inch cut. I’m pretty sure I lost a solid 2 pounds and will take 10 seconds off my mile time with the new do – totally reasonable, right?

Look at that little nubbin! So cute!

Unfortunately, I’m no good at styling my hair the day after I get it cut. You’ll have to wait for a glamor shot!

Do you get your “hair did” regularly or very rarely? Regular stylist or new every time? Planning any extreme makeovers?


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