Poor Planning

PSA – I’m going to vent for a just a moment. Then I’ll think of happy things. Then I’ll move on. And I’m blogging at work simply because I need to vent and get my head on straight! Ready……3…..2…….1…….

1. I could not have planned this day more poorly (is that grammatically correct?)! Woke up late, didn’t pack my gym bag until this morning, didn’t grab lunch, I could go on and on here.
2. Speaking of gym bag, I packed shorts. It’s currently 53 degrees and no sun. I have to coach Girls on the Run tonight and run then get in at least a 5K for my own training. Praying the sun comes out before practice.
3. Speaking of GOTR (Girls on the Run), I finished prepping at work this morning. Nice use of company time.
4. I overdrafted my bank account playing the “mail” game. That’s a lovely $30 that I really didn’t have to give to my banking institution.
5. I cannot complete a single task today without interruption. I just want to finish a checklist. One checklist. Yet, I’m taking 400 phone calls and writing policies for the website. (The phone may have rang 4 times but since it never rings feels like 400.)
6. Crazytown rolls back into town tonight or tomorrow. I need to start an official countdown. And probably explain Crazytown. Another day.
7. My apartment is a disaster area. I used the last week to start packing while my roommate and her nosey Beagle pup were on vacation. And now it’s just a hot mess. And I need to clean it tonight. And coach. And run. And eat. And not be stressed. And sleep. And. And. And.

So now for my happy list so I can get back to my checklist.

1. I did get paid today so I can’t complain too much about being stupid and overdrafting. And I paid bills.
2. I still have a job. At least until they figure out I blog, cut construction paper and send coaches emails during the work day.
3. I get to see my GOTR girls tonight. There is something about being Coach Pam that just makes it all better.
4. I’m going to be cold. But it is April. And I’ve been spoiled by 80 degree days. And at least I packed shorts. I could have forgotten bottoms all together.
5. I have tomorrow off. Since there is not a “real” holiday scheduled, we decided to make Good Friday a holiday. I like it.
6. I am blessed to have flexible hours so I can leave at 3 to coach great girls 2 days a week.

I really thought I’d have more happy but it’s just not coming to me. I think I just need to take a deep breath, shake it off and finish the last hour and 50 minutes getting this stupid checklist completed!

Are you having a lovely day? Anything I can add to my happy list?


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