Today, I am Proud!

It’s very rare that I can actually say “I am proud” about myself. Especially about myself. Today, I can say that I am proud of myself. Today was the last training race for the mini-marathon. It was my first 15K (9.3 mile) race. The mini has a series of 3 training races: 5K in February, 10K March and the final race is a 15K in April. I missed the first because it was COLD (and I’m a baby)! I missed the second because I was sick. My main motivation for this race was to not have totally wasted $36.

My main motivation does not equal mental preparation. As of last night, I had absolutely no desire to do this race. It was going to be 40 degrees at the start, it started at 8:00 and was downtown. This means I had to dress in layers, which I am not good at, and also get up at 5:45 to be ready and downtown by 7:00. I must note that on a typical work day, I get out of bed between 7:15 and 7:30. Oh, and I am NOT a morning person.

In the end, I sucked it up! Best. Decision. Ever.

I’ve been pretty down on my training. I am about 15 pounds heavier than I was last September when I ran my first half marathon. I’m also about a minute slower. So many training days have just ended in disappointment which does not do much for my mental game.

So now, I’m going to post my splits. Please remember I am a walk/jogger and I’m slow. And a tad (lot) overweight. The Olympics won’t be calling me any time soon.

15K splits

I had two goals:
1. Don’t die.
2. Keep a 15 minute pace as long as possible.

I only had 2 15+ minute miles!! Every time my watch would beep indicating another mile, I would be shocked at the pace. At this pace, I would totally beat my first half marathon time. And as my beautiful friend Heather mentioned, we still have 4 weeks. With a runners high like this, what could I accomplish in 4 weeks. A sub-3 hour mini-marathon. Maybe that will be the A goal (more on goal setting in Pamland later).

Some things I learned today:

  • Start in the back. The rush that I got passing people was AWESOME! I don’t ever pass people. I was fearful that this was going to bite me in the ass if I slowed down too much and they passed me back at the end.
  • Fuel – a Harvest Powerbar is not enough to last a long distance run. I had a Powerbar, a Cliff bar then a Gatorade pre-race just before the start. I tried a Gu about mile 4 and immediately realized I need to find the kind I had for the half. Not yummy. And I did a Gatorade and water at each pit stop. Perfection.
  • I got there early with plenty of time to get my bib, potty, stretch and be social (!!).
  • I ran without music!! Loved it!

I needed this today. I needed to get up, go downtown and remember why I enjoy running. I train by myself, so being around people who are my speed and level was such a confidence boost. Even now, post shower, queso and nap, I’m smiling. I’m so proud of myself. I can’t stop saying that. I don’t ever feel that way but now that I do, I want to say it all the time!

What did you do today that you were proud of?


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