Photos v. Reality

I’m having a bit of a reality moment. A few pictures where taken of my last Thursday at the golf outing I planned for work. Typically, I’m not fond of photos of myself. And these were no different. I know I’m not a small girl. But I feel like I look gigantic in these photos. And because I need the photographic evidence for when I get skinny again, I’m going to post a few.

Ok, not so bad. But I still don’t feel that big IRL.


“Mother of god, what’s with the gut?” Name that movie!

So, here’s my question – am I really this big or does that photo lens add 10 pounds?

My shoulders look big. My thighs are disgusting. I thought I was losing the face fat, but no. And let’s just not talk about the inner tube.

I know I have work to do here folks. I’m a comfortable size 14 with size 10 and 12 in a tub just waiting for me to get my shit together. I need to do a better job at tracking my food. I have been pretty consistent working out 3-4 times a week.

For now, I’m just going to sigh and know that one day (hopefully in 2012) I will be able to tag this post and say “remember when.”


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