Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi friends! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone had a lovely day, ate too much turkey and celebrated everything they are thankful for! Well, at least that’s what I did today. I have so much to be thankful for today – so blessed! I also have a cross-country move coming up that I’ve been preparing for….but I don’t want to chat about that now.

Now, I want to tell you about my awesome girls night out. A few years ago, my best girlfriends from high school started getting together for brunch/lunch around Thanksgiving. We’ve all gone our separate directions which is why it’s so nice just to be together for a minute.

This year, as we began our annual planning via Facebook messenger, I found out I was moving to California. Before I had officially accepted the offer, one crazy girl had a full agenda, including hotel room, for our girls night!

For the first time, I tried out Wine and Canvas. As a fine arts major for two semesters and a self-proclaimed crafty lady, I was pretty excited! The painting was Van Gogh’s Irises. Here is the original painting:

Van Gogh Irises – The Original

Step 1 – Blank canvas. The 79 is my food order – The most important part of the evening.

Step 2 – Create the ground and the sky.

Step 3 – Add flowers…or seaweed….whatever.

Step 4 – Add the irises or blue ribbons.

The final product! Just call me Pam Van Gogh!

I’ve totally missed my calling in life. Actually, I quit fine arts because my professor said that my work always seemed “unfinished”. I decided that I would open a gallery of unfinished art – just because she ticked me off.

After our amazing art session, we hit up Howl at the Moon, added a few others to the entourage and ended the night with the most delicious bread sticks at Kilroy’s Bar and passed out. I haven’t been to Howl at the Moon since my 30th birthday party (a few years ago) and let me tell you, the talent was amazing! I don’t know how some of these guys haven’t been picked up by The Voice yet – especially the dude that did Gangnam Style – Awesome!

Now, I must get back to my entertainment tonight – my monkeys. Last sleep over with Aunt Pammie for a while.

Seriously, I know you’re jealous!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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