Full House Adventure


My day started by taking the BART to Duboce Park.


It was a B-E-A-utiful day in the park. I could have stayed here all day!


But I didn’t. I had a mission. First stop, Alamo Square. (Sorry for the crappy picture.)


Does this scene look familiar? This is where DJ, Stephanie and Michelle had a picnic with Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey. Or it’s Alamo Square just across the street from the Painted Ladies.


Hello pretty ladies, beautiful day! Again, I could have stayed here all day! But I had other things to do.


Like find the real Full House house. And this is it – 1709 Broderick Street.



Another shot. And yes, two people drove up to this home for photographs while I was there!

Full House Map

In hindsight, the route was definitely a tourist mistake. It’s fair to say that Alamo Park and the Full House house is at least 2 miles apart. And I walked the entire way….up and down the wonderful, not-flat streets of the city. I think I totaled 5 miles that day!

   January 19, 2013


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