Tail of the Blue Bunny

I’m not sure how it started but every year I ask the “Easter Bunny” for a blue bunny. And that darn bunny always delivers. Not always a blue bunny, maybe a beanie baby bunny or a polka-dot bunny, but always a bunny.

This year, I forgot to ask and the Easter Bunny delivered anyway.

This little guy was hanging out on the front porch when I got home from the grocery. It was exactly what I needed brighten my sick day.


Some bunny loves me?!

I love the Easter Bunny!


2 thoughts on “Tail of the Blue Bunny

  1. Happy birth month from a fellow April birthmonther……who celebrates all month long as well!! I will sound like a you’ve got mail groupie when I say that I found your blog by accident by searching 34th Bday…….and found inspiration! There is a lot I’d like 2 say but for now I will just sat THANK YOU!

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