This is for Realz Folks!

Greetings from the Indianapolis International Airport. The first stop of my journey today which includes Las Vegas and Oakland.

I should really have some sort of reflective post about Indianapolis and my feelings but all it would be is “I’m really, really, really excited!”. That makes for a pretty boring post.

So we’ll play a fun game of random thoughts that come into my head. Ready? Should be fun.

1. There is a woman, with a baby literally sitting on the bar in Champs at the airport. Totally distracted me. The child was not in a car seat, but sitting on the bar. I would estimate this child to be around 6 months old.

2. As I sat down in Champs, I realized my shirt was backwards. I’m kind of awesome like that.

3. Thursday night I put my PJ pants on inside out and didn’t realize until about 4 a.m. when my bladder woke me up.

4. My mom described herself as a “leaker” this morning. Definition: Someone who cries a little at a time – shed tears, stop, shed tears, stop. Like a leaky faucet. And yes, she did this all morning. And magically the faucet was fixed once we hit the interstate.

5. I might have been a hot mess this morning if not for my 5 hour Beverly Hills 90210 marathon last night. The best of Kelly and Dylan. I was a hot mess at midnight when Andrea said goodbye to the gang for Yale with Jessie and Hannah. Not quite a mess but somewhat messy when Donna and David got married. I followed that up with 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner. I always cry at that movie. So rather than crying at an appropriate time, I got it all out while watching TV into the wee hours of the morning.

6. The song “Home” by Phillip Phillips is my theme song right now.

7. I made sure to brush the cats this morning before I left. That way they hate me and won’t miss me so much! I am the devil. Plus, I won’t miss them knowing the last thing they did was bite and hiss at me. (I’m sure you all totally believe that!)

8. I’m on beer two and have an hour until my flight. Given #5 on this list, I may sleep like a baby!

9. I’m super excited about my new book on my Kindle – Shit Show Part 2.

10. This shirt is getting really uncomfortable. I have a tank top on underneath. Would it be weird to pull my arms through and turn it around? I was hoping I didn’t get an food on it because explaining why I have food stains on my back would be interesting.

11. I really want to turn this blog into a West Coast/Relocation/Midwest Girl Meets West Coast blog. However, there is so much poor pitiful me and I’m so fat and I’m working out/not working out and I’m a runner/not so much a runner that I’m afraid readers will judge me. So basically I’ll just stick with my randomness.

12. I hate ending numbered lists on odd numbers. So you get #12.

Wheels up in 45 minutes! Next post from California!