Hello World!

Life without internet is not fun. It is amazing to me how disconnected I feel by not having the world at my fingertips.

While I have not been completely out of the loop because of my cell phone, I have missed the convenience of the internet during my non-work time.

So, here’s the update.

  • As of tomorrow, I am officially two weeks into California living.
  • Moved into my condo on Saturday. She’s cute. And empty. That will be another post, probably several.
  • I purchased a new bed which was delivered today (YAY!). Thanks Sleep Train and my new friend Ira for getting me such a great deal! And to the three gentlemen who arrived for an on time delivery which took approximately 3.7 seconds. Also, a big thanks to Amber and Greg for allowing me to use their air bed for the last week!
  • I have officially worked two weeks. We have this fun 9/80 schedule where we work 80 hours in 9 days then get a three-day weekend every other week. So far, very nice! 10 hour days are brutal but totally worth it.
  • I have an IKEA about 20 minutes away! I have an IKEA about 20 minutes away! I have only made one visit. The next is coming very soon!!
  • With no internet = no cable. And since I don’t have a television, that’s OK for the moment. Looking forward to setup on the 16th. Until then, I’ve decided to watch Sex And The City from the beginning. I had forgotten how much I love those wacky girls! I figure if I finish all 6 seasons by the time cable arrives, I could start Friends.
  • Laundry – You are probably shaking your head as to why this is important on my update list. I went an entire week without laundry access. It’s amazing to have a washer and dryer at my use at any time!

From this updated I have confirmed I am a blessed girl and these are first-world problems. However, boy am I excited to have my modern conveniences again!

Catch ya later!