Veto Power and Other Random Thoughts

Veto Power
So, I had my annual violation visit with my doctor last Friday. As as I eluded to a few days ago, it wasn’t the best of news. On Wednesday, I got more news regarding the visit – my test results were in. (I swear they drew 10 vials of blood from me – I’m surprised I’m not dead.)

I have high cholesterol. It’s been high for a long time. I know this. When I first found out 4 years ago, I tried taking Lipitor. It made me feel awful, so I vetoed the doctors orders and started taking fish oil supplements.

So, the nice nurse called to tell me they called in another Lipitor prescription for me because it was still high and I needed to get it down. So I whined and moaned and she didn’t really care. So I asked her to send me the lab results. And I was THRILLED with them! My cholesterol IS down. I’m no longer undesirable in the total cholesterol category, I’m borderline! That’s huge for me!

Is it wrong to use my power of veto again and just not get the prescription? I don’t want to take it. Am I just being a baby? Should I suck it up? She wants me to get rechecked in 4 weeks. Should I just do the 4 weeks and then tell her I’m done? I really don’t know what to do, so I do nothing!

Other Random Thoughts
1. I heart Google Reader. I am aware I am probably 40 years behind the technology but I love it! I don’t get 400 emails a day from my daily bloggers. I don’t know about you, but as soon as an email hits my inbox, I have to read it, file it or dispose of it. It can’t sit there. Makes me crazy. But with this Reader thing, I can read whenever. I even have it on my phone! Technology is grand!

1a. I subscribed to my blog on Google Reader. I think I’ve posted this week because I want to read my blog on my phone. I am that girl!

2. I did not want to run today. (From now on, when I say run, I mean walk/jog – just go with me.) However, I promised myself 30 minutes. I whined (in my head) the whole time. I thought about things I’d rather be doing – root canal, running into an ex-boyfriend, working, etc. I did 27:17. I felt that was close enough. And I was back at my car. No judgement please.

3. My legs wanted to run today. I hear these fables from runners about it hurting more to walk than run. I figured they were urban legends. But no, my legs wanted to run today. I ran (actual running) more today than probably all week. It was strangely odd and exciting at the same time.

4. If the weather is ok tomorrow, I’m running (see #2) from the office to my mom’s house to get my long run out of the way. I should probably figure out the exact mileage. I’m scheduled to do 7-8. I should be close. Mom will then drive me back to my office to get my car.

5. I have the best mom ever!

On that note, the best mom ever may kill me if I don’t get my taxes done soon. And I have time to do them tonight. Anyone care to place a wager on completion? Me either!