What is Up!?

What isn’t up – that is more accurate! Since we last spoke, I have done the following:

1. Resigned from my job (effective November 15th).
2. Accepted a new position in California (effective November 26th).
3. Packed a box.
4. Tossed a billion things out. Remember when I said I downsized – obviously I needed to do more! Seriously, where does this stuff come from?!
5. Book a one-way ticket to California. (Holy crap, I’m really doing this.)
6. Found a condo, had Cali friends look at condo and applied for condo tonight!
7. Booked a room at an extended stay hotel for the foreseeable future.
8. Found a company that will relocate my cats for me. I just don’t think I can handle that much stress.
9. Cursed at the snow and the weather and the rain and the cold in Indianapolis.
10. Work-wise: Let’s just say, I’ve completed about 2 months worth of work in two weeks, plus hired and trained my replacement, plus kept my boss calm and sane (if possible), plus held a successful board meeting.
10. I survived the paternal parental going away dinner.
11. Slept very little because I am constantly thinking of things I should be doing.

What’s left to do:

1. GNO with my favorite ladies – Nicole, Carrie and Laura.
2. Turkey Day reunion with my besties from high school.
3. My drunken going away party where I invited all of facebook.
4. Thanksgiving.
5. Packing. Shipping. Cleaning.
6. Finding someone to take my car across country.
7. Secure a rental vehicle in Cali.

I had really big plans of making this a relocation blog for a while. And it still may become that. But right now, I’m just too plain tired to document my journey. Lame excuse, maybe. But I’m moving to Cali friends! Freakin’ Finally!

Stay Tuned…..



Done and Done

I have actually had a productive weekend!

  • Taxes (Federal & State) – Done and Done.
  • 7 mile run (walk/jog) – Done.
  • Find boxes to begin packing – Done.
  • Continuation purging of unnecessary clutter – Done.
  • Laundry – (In process but considered) Done.
  • Blog post – Done.

For any of you who may be new to Pamland, today begins the month-long birthday celebration. Yes, you did read that correctly – Month-Long. And you will get tired of hearing birthday month, you may even be annoyed, alas it is the month of my birth and I will celebrate it as I see fit! April has been a month-long celebration for as long as I can remember. And it will continue.

Growing up, and for the last 26 years, my dad and his buds have taken a fishing trip to Dale Hollow Lake around the time of my birthday. It had something to do with the moon being full or something. Maybe that’s just a really good excuse, but I still buy it to this day. So, we would celebrate before he left. While he was gone, we’d do something for my actual birthday. And then he’d always bring me something home so it was like another celebration. If I’m going to celebrate for almost three weeks, why not just rename the entire month.

And to prove that I do refer to April as birthday month, this was on the Facebook page this morning. Obviously, Amber is quickly moving to the top of the friend list. Not that I’m one to keep a friend list, but if I had one, Amber, you’re the bestest!

Yep, on my Facebook wall!

Yep, on my Facebook wall!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH to me! And be sure to mark that calendar – the best holiday of the year is April 24th!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Were you productive this weekend? Did any of my loyal readers win the MegaMillions this weekend and want to share?