Things they are a’changing in Pamland! And for the better!

While I’m doing things like packing, selling furniture, training for a half marathon, coaching Girls on the Run, oh and working, I decided to add one more thing to the list – Advocare. More specifically, the Advocare 24-day challenge.

This challenge consists of a 10-day cleanse and then 14 days of fueling my body properly for energy and weight management. For those of you who know me well, you know that food is my friend – especially crappy food and chocolate and cheese and wine and…you get the idea. And I don’t like fruits and vegetables. So doing a cleanse that required me to eat mainly fruits and vegetables for 10 days is kind of comical.

My cousin Keri and Aunt Cheri started using the product and I was a SKEPTIC. I had no interest in this program. I questioned my Aunt one night and knew that it wasn’t for me.

About 3 months later, my friend Niki comes in from Alabama and tells me all about the O2Gold product from Advocare. I was shocked. Then I learned that she uses the products which helped her meet her weight loss goals. And she. looks. AMAZING.

So, now I’m thinking more about it and doing my research. Then I sit down with my hair stylist, Joni, who tells me that she’s doing it and has been for years! She also enjoys wine, chocolate, cheese (all things that are cut out). I asked her the fun questions – will I be hungry? how much time will I spend in the bathroom? Joni doesn’t steer me wrong with my hair, so I trust her completely!

Stars aligned? Maybe….Then comes the visit to the doctor. I weighed in at a whopping 195.7 pounds. I had gained 15 pounds since January. My cholesterol was still high which we’ve discussed previously. I’m trying to run and I’m just not moving well or fast. Discouraged is an understatement.

Done deal! I sent Keri and email that night and said I want in. And, of course, I became a distributor to earn discounts.

Here’s my thing – I love to sweat! I love to workout! However, when I don’t have any energy or don’t see any results/progress, I get discouraged. Add to that discouragement an emotional eating habit and it’s just a downward spiral. I’m not looking for a quick fix. I’m looking for a jump start. Maybe something to keep me motivated for more than 5 seconds.

I’ve decided to document the entire 24-day challenge. I’m going to blog about products I’m taking, food I’m eating, how I’m feeling and I’m going to be honest! (FYI – prepare for TMI!) I also plan on posting my weight and measurements at day 10 and day 24. Day 1 is April 12th so I’ll post the details April 13th so I can get a full day. I will try to post daily; however, if it’s the same, I may put a couple together. I should finish up on the day of the half marathon, and I will carb load the night before. And I will have a cupcake on my birthday!

So let the journey begin….

Today, I am Proud!

It’s very rare that I can actually say “I am proud” about myself. Especially about myself. Today, I can say that I am proud of myself. Today was the last training race for the mini-marathon. It was my first 15K (9.3 mile) race. The mini has a series of 3 training races: 5K in February, 10K March and the final race is a 15K in April. I missed the first because it was COLD (and I’m a baby)! I missed the second because I was sick. My main motivation for this race was to not have totally wasted $36.

My main motivation does not equal mental preparation. As of last night, I had absolutely no desire to do this race. It was going to be 40 degrees at the start, it started at 8:00 and was downtown. This means I had to dress in layers, which I am not good at, and also get up at 5:45 to be ready and downtown by 7:00. I must note that on a typical work day, I get out of bed between 7:15 and 7:30. Oh, and I am NOT a morning person.

In the end, I sucked it up! Best. Decision. Ever.

I’ve been pretty down on my training. I am about 15 pounds heavier than I was last September when I ran my first half marathon. I’m also about a minute slower. So many training days have just ended in disappointment which does not do much for my mental game.

So now, I’m going to post my splits. Please remember I am a walk/jogger and I’m slow. And a tad (lot) overweight. The Olympics won’t be calling me any time soon.

15K splits

I had two goals:
1. Don’t die.
2. Keep a 15 minute pace as long as possible.

I only had 2 15+ minute miles!! Every time my watch would beep indicating another mile, I would be shocked at the pace. At this pace, I would totally beat my first half marathon time. And as my beautiful friend Heather mentioned, we still have 4 weeks. With a runners high like this, what could I accomplish in 4 weeks. A sub-3 hour mini-marathon. Maybe that will be the A goal (more on goal setting in Pamland later).

Some things I learned today:

  • Start in the back. The rush that I got passing people was AWESOME! I don’t ever pass people. I was fearful that this was going to bite me in the ass if I slowed down too much and they passed me back at the end.
  • Fuel – a Harvest Powerbar is not enough to last a long distance run. I had a Powerbar, a Cliff bar then a Gatorade pre-race just before the start. I tried a Gu about mile 4 and immediately realized I need to find the kind I had for the half. Not yummy. And I did a Gatorade and water at each pit stop. Perfection.
  • I got there early with plenty of time to get my bib, potty, stretch and be social (!!).
  • I ran without music!! Loved it!

I needed this today. I needed to get up, go downtown and remember why I enjoy running. I train by myself, so being around people who are my speed and level was such a confidence boost. Even now, post shower, queso and nap, I’m smiling. I’m so proud of myself. I can’t stop saying that. I don’t ever feel that way but now that I do, I want to say it all the time!

What did you do today that you were proud of?

Poor Planning

PSA – I’m going to vent for a just a moment. Then I’ll think of happy things. Then I’ll move on. And I’m blogging at work simply because I need to vent and get my head on straight! Ready……3…..2…….1…….

1. I could not have planned this day more poorly (is that grammatically correct?)! Woke up late, didn’t pack my gym bag until this morning, didn’t grab lunch, I could go on and on here.
2. Speaking of gym bag, I packed shorts. It’s currently 53 degrees and no sun. I have to coach Girls on the Run tonight and run then get in at least a 5K for my own training. Praying the sun comes out before practice.
3. Speaking of GOTR (Girls on the Run), I finished prepping at work this morning. Nice use of company time.
4. I overdrafted my bank account playing the “mail” game. That’s a lovely $30 that I really didn’t have to give to my banking institution.
5. I cannot complete a single task today without interruption. I just want to finish a checklist. One checklist. Yet, I’m taking 400 phone calls and writing policies for the website. (The phone may have rang 4 times but since it never rings feels like 400.)
6. Crazytown rolls back into town tonight or tomorrow. I need to start an official countdown. And probably explain Crazytown. Another day.
7. My apartment is a disaster area. I used the last week to start packing while my roommate and her nosey Beagle pup were on vacation. And now it’s just a hot mess. And I need to clean it tonight. And coach. And run. And eat. And not be stressed. And sleep. And. And. And.

So now for my happy list so I can get back to my checklist.

1. I did get paid today so I can’t complain too much about being stupid and overdrafting. And I paid bills.
2. I still have a job. At least until they figure out I blog, cut construction paper and send coaches emails during the work day.
3. I get to see my GOTR girls tonight. There is something about being Coach Pam that just makes it all better.
4. I’m going to be cold. But it is April. And I’ve been spoiled by 80 degree days. And at least I packed shorts. I could have forgotten bottoms all together.
5. I have tomorrow off. Since there is not a “real” holiday scheduled, we decided to make Good Friday a holiday. I like it.
6. I am blessed to have flexible hours so I can leave at 3 to coach great girls 2 days a week.

I really thought I’d have more happy but it’s just not coming to me. I think I just need to take a deep breath, shake it off and finish the last hour and 50 minutes getting this stupid checklist completed!

Are you having a lovely day? Anything I can add to my happy list?

Done and Done

I have actually had a productive weekend!

  • Taxes (Federal & State) – Done and Done.
  • 7 mile run (walk/jog) – Done.
  • Find boxes to begin packing – Done.
  • Continuation purging of unnecessary clutter – Done.
  • Laundry – (In process but considered) Done.
  • Blog post – Done.

For any of you who may be new to Pamland, today begins the month-long birthday celebration. Yes, you did read that correctly – Month-Long. And you will get tired of hearing birthday month, you may even be annoyed, alas it is the month of my birth and I will celebrate it as I see fit! April has been a month-long celebration for as long as I can remember. And it will continue.

Growing up, and for the last 26 years, my dad and his buds have taken a fishing trip to Dale Hollow Lake around the time of my birthday. It had something to do with the moon being full or something. Maybe that’s just a really good excuse, but I still buy it to this day. So, we would celebrate before he left. While he was gone, we’d do something for my actual birthday. And then he’d always bring me something home so it was like another celebration. If I’m going to celebrate for almost three weeks, why not just rename the entire month.

And to prove that I do refer to April as birthday month, this was on the Facebook page this morning. Obviously, Amber is quickly moving to the top of the friend list. Not that I’m one to keep a friend list, but if I had one, Amber, you’re the bestest!

Yep, on my Facebook wall!

Yep, on my Facebook wall!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH to me! And be sure to mark that calendar – the best holiday of the year is April 24th!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Were you productive this weekend? Did any of my loyal readers win the MegaMillions this weekend and want to share?